The duo/sextet Amigas! wins the ‘Emerging 2022’


María and Irene, aged 22 and 24, lead this band that won over the audience in the Ground Floor room and, incidentally, the rest of Granada

The contests for new pop and rock bands have been, and are, one of the best showcases to make themselves known in the crowded music scene of our city. If anything, the fastest, acting as a launching pad, and groups like 091, Danza Invisible, Eskorzo or Guadalupe Plata are always cited, who were boosted in their beginnings by winning some of these contests. After two years frozen for known reasons, the Ground Floor already has winners for its reunion edition this 2022: Amigas!, who join their name on the contest’s ‘walk of fame’ to those of bands such as Colectivo Da Silva, Mojø , Royal Mail, Aurora, Ether, Wet Dog, Lemon Parade and Radio Palmer. Bamboleira and Sky Bacon also stood on the podium on both sides.

Friends! is a female duo formed in Granada at the beginning of 2020 by María Navarro, 22 years old, composer basically of the musical part, and Irene, 24 years old, who writes the lyrics. They both sing in two voices. The group, they say, «emerged one afternoon in which they talked about putting music to some lyrics that Irene had written, without any pretense, just out of curiosity and to spend time together. In this way he ended up creating a first song, with voice and acoustic guitar”, until one of his friends and current producer, Jaime Miralles, was encouraged when he heard it to create a musical base to be able to complete the song. This is how the first single from Amigas! was born: ‘Canción Pasivo Agresiva’.

As some concerts emerged, few, who assure that they appeared at Emergentes with a couple of presentations, three with the preselection of the contest, the fourth time was the charm and they won. The duo expanded for these performances with Jaime Miralles on guitar, Marta Roca on keyboard, Teresa Aparicio on drums, and Javier Arregui on bass.

As you assure, Friends! «It is a project that seeks music in everyday life and in interpersonal relationships of all kinds. It talks about problems both with a more youthful character and with a more adult one, it talks about love, lack of love, managing emotions, friendship and fun. It aims to put voice and music to generational thoughts and even serve as inspiration looking for a fresh and pop sound.

His first published songs can already be heard on music platforms: the aforementioned ‘Canción passive aggressive’, along with ‘Amor menacente’ and ‘Los Planes’. Songs that will surely go on the prize’s LP record, which together with the performance at Fitur in 2023 and the recording of a concert at TG7 complete the emerging ‘gold medal’.

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