The dystopian tragedy of Never Let Me Go written by Kazuo Ishiguro will now be a television series

The dystopian tragedy he wrote kazuo ishiguro under the name of Never Let Me Go will have a new adaptation. However, after the 2010 film version directed by Mark Romanek, now the turn will be for the small screen.

The Variety portal indicated that the FX channel will begin to develop a series based on the novel, whose story follows three friends who live their daily lives in an isolated school.

Of course, what is striking about the whole story is that the enclosure ends up being just the façade of a dark secret about the humanity of the future and the fate of young people who are allowed to grow up only for the benefit of others.

More about Never Let Me Go

Without going into great detail, you can read the novel or watch the adaptation written by Alex Garland (Sunshine, Dredd, Ex Machina) and that had Carey Mulligan, Keira Knightley and Andrew Garfield in the roles of the three friends whose lives have more problems than the love obstacles that mark them.

So far it has only been explained that Melissa Iqbalwho previously worked on ‘The Nevers‘, will be one of the writers of a project that will be carried out by the production company DNA together with FX and Searchlight Television.

The latter belong to the Disney conglomerate and focus on adult content based on their experience under the protection they had before at 20th Century Fox.

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