The easy exercise of the famous to raise the chest at 50

The passage of time, sudden changes in weight, breastfeeding… there are many factors that affect the
sagging of our breasts, something that brings many women upside down. Surgery is the most effective method to combat all this, but
if you do not want to go through the operating roomthere are certain
training that can help you rejuvenate your chest and lift it naturally.

We have seen it recently in
actress julianne moorewho has worn a neckline of infarction on the red carpet of the
venice festivaldemonstrating that being over 60 years old is not an impediment to having a
young and smooth chestwithout a trace of the typical sagging in the vast majority of us.

We have contacted
Sarah Alvarezco-founder and creator of the methodology
challenge48who has assured us that “it is possible to reaffirm it, and even volumize it by means of a
work outs to be followed constantly for at least
2 months and it is based on
a single exercise«.

As you hear it, it only takes
an exercise to keep the breast firm and in place without the need for support or surgery and it is the
chest press “We recommend doing it with
dumbbells from among
2 and 5 kilos each one and it is not necessary to have a bank”, says the expert.

How to do the bra effect chest press

It is an exercise
easybut it is important to do it correctly and keep the
position throughout the entire exercise to maximize all of your
Benefits and not injure yourself. But if you learn the technique, it is possible to do it
from homealthough it is always recommended to supervise your workouts with the help of a
professionalof course.

You only have to
lie on the ground face up and with the legs slightly open and bent at an angle of 45 degrees. Next, rest your elbows on the floor, with a
dumbbell on each hand, and bring your forearms completely vertical. From there,
stretch out your arms up and down again by flexing them slowly.

As you can see, it is not a difficult exercise and you will not have to do it for too long to see the results.
results. you just have to do
three sets of 15 reps each, three times a week and, according to the expert
Sarah Alvarez, In two months you will see the results.

change of habits

In addition to a good
trainingyou can always incorporate certain
routines that delay the natural fall of the breast. Are
little changes that will not suppose an excessive disorder but that can make a difference, increasing the effect of the exercise.

For starters, experts recommend
cold showers and moisturize and massage the breasts to activate their
circulation and improve skin elasticity. In this way you will not only have
a raised chestbut you will keep the wrinkles of the neckline at bay.

When you train, use
suitable sports clothing to prevent the chest from suffering unnecessary impacts, especially if you are going to perform certain sports disciplines such as
running or jumping rope. And always, in your day to day, maintain a correct posture to help the
ligaments to stay strong for longer.

easy routine to follow and a single exercise to have a heart attack chest in just
two months.

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