The EH Bildu brand wins in one constituency and goes to the second round of the legislative election in France

EH Bai, the brand used by EH Bildu in Iparralde, which also brings together the traditional nationalist left, EA and other independents, has won a constituency for the first time in history in a legislative election in France, with almost 30% of the votes. Specifically, the candidate Pio Dufau has won over Macronism (27%) and the extreme right (25%) in the sixth district of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department, which includes towns such as Hendaye and Biarritz. In these elections EH Bai had joined forces with the Socialists, Communists, environmentalists and the Mellonist rebels in the so-called New Popular Front. Dufau goes to the second round and it could be the first time in history that a Basque pro-independence deputy has been elected. The PNV also appeared in that constituency and obtained 5% of the vote.

“I am happy with the data from Iparralde. (The Popular Front has won) in Baiona, in Maule and in my constituency in Doniben-Garazzi and EH Baie,” said EH Bildu general coordinator Arnaldo Otegi on Radio Popular. He compared it to a France in which “the left is not able to connect with the problems of the people.” Before the results, he said: “We have had a very successful electoral cycle. I have a dream and a challenge. Imagine what it would be like with a left-wing and nationalist deputy in Paris. Is it possible to do that?”

In a note, EH Bai shows his bittersweet story about the results in France. On the one hand, it shows “concern” about the rise of the far right, winner throughout France as before in European competitions. He understands that Emmanuel Macron’s “neoliberal” management has created a breeding ground for its development. However, it highlights that in the three Basque constituencies, also in the fourth and fifth of the Pyrenees-Atlantiques, the first force is the Popular Front, with Socialist candidates. The nationalist coalition highlights the “activation” of its bases and civil society in recent weeks to achieve this result.

“The extreme right cannot be given the slightest leeway,” they say in a statement in French and Basque. EH Bai also calls for “responsibility” so that the distribution of support in the second round does not favor the candidates Marine Le Pen and Jordi Bardella. According to Otegi, it is more likely that the Socialists leading the Popular Front in the other two constituencies will win seats, although he is confident of a surprise with Dufau. The PNV was also contesting the election. They did it alone with the EAJ-PNV brand. In the sixth constituency, candidate Jean Telechea obtained almost 5% of support. In the group of three, the nationalists – who have led Andoni Ortuzar in the campaign – do not exceed 4%. is in Xon Facebook, on Instagram, on Telegram, on WhatsApp and on Threads. Every week, we send you a newsletter to your email. Sign up! Remember that you can subscribe to by clicking here. And, for more information, you can call us or write to us 625 88 87 80.

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