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The Marseillaise company Bellatrix is the developer of the new Iweech 24”S+, an advanced version of the electric bicycle that was launched in May 2020. Its peculiarity is that it has an automatic gearbox which is fully managed by software artificial intelligenceIweech Smart Control, which learns on each route and is capable of activate the appropriate gear in real time according to the needs of the cyclist at all times.

In 2020, the French company Bellatrix, founded by Pascal Lafourcade and Christophe Sauvan, launched the Iweech, an electrically assisted, urban and connected bicycle. The slogan for its development was that the cyclist has to do as little as possible. “Riding around the city requires constant concentration, whatever the level of the cyclist, that’s why we designed Iweech with the aim of freeing the user from any restrictions,” said Sauvan. All the intelligence integrated in Iweech pursued a single objective: “simplify its use to provide maximum pleasure and security to our customers”.

electric bike Iweech 24S+ artificial intelligence gearbox-inside2
First generation of the Iweech, released in May 2020.

On the basis of this first generation, the Marseille company has evolved to the new Iweech 24”S+, with which it intends to reach a level of sales in Europe of 9,000 units in 2023. The Iweech algorithm personalizes the level of assistance required in real time, automatically activating the appropriate transmission ratio. This new model is still so easy to use as the previous. It does not include any control or monitoring screen, so that the cyclist can concentrate solely on his sensations and on his safety. Its single button allows you to manage the different functionalities of the electric bicycle with a single click and by means of a color code.

With the data from the numerous sensors embedded in this electric bicycle, the Iweech Smart Control system is capable of anticipate cyclist behavior offering the ideal power of the electric motor and setting a perfect pedaling frequency and rhythm. To do this, the innovation of the brand lies, as in the first model, in implementing this technology about a change Enviolo Heavy Duty. Thanks to this component, speed variations are “infinite”’, imperceptible and absolutely fluid. Is it so checked every 100 millisecondsIt’s because of the intelligent system “in perfect harmony with the level of motor assistance”, reveals Iweech.

The dedicated mobile app includes an “intelligent indicator” that instead of marking the percentage of battery charge, specifies the real radius of action showing on a map the destination that can really be reached. This depends not only on the battery level but also on weather conditions, topography and the level of assistance. The rest of the components are also automatic, such as the LED lighting switch-on or the integrated electronic anti-theft device.

electric bike Iweech 24S+ artificial intelligence gearbox-inside1
Iweech 24”S+, the smart urban and connected electric bicycle in which the cyclist has to do as little as possible to concentrate on driving around the city.

What improvement?

Like its predecessor, it has a 250 W Brose T motor, although according to the brand, the new Iweech 24” S+ has a higher mechanical torque than its predecessorwhich allows faster driving and reach speeds on the flat of at least 33km/h. It guarantees that it is capable of overcoming climbs with a gradient of 20% incline. Their 500 Wh removable battery promises up to 70 kilometers of autonomy. Its rotating handlebar and retractable pedals save space when transporting and storing it.

Sauvan assures that with this new model Iweech remains the only electric bicycle in the world that uses artificial intelligence, which allows it to learn from each route to intuitively offer the right level of user assistance. With the presentation of the second generation “we go further and ask our system to manage an additional gearbox with variator, that is, at all times the bicycle will provide a double comfort response for the user by combining the appropriate level of necessary electrical assistance with the appropriate transmission ratio”.

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