The Emmys Forget About Stranger Things For This Special Reason

fourth season of stranger things It has no relevant nominations in this edition of the Emmy Awards. stranger things It hasn’t been nominated for Best Series, and neither have its actors. Yes, it’s nominated in the categories for make-up, music and special effects, but that doesn’t count, does it? No matter where you take it, it doesn’t matter. I mean they must have enrolled stranger things and its actors, not because it got an opportunity with the poster of this version. For example, just think of Joseph Quinn (Eddie), who from his supporting role is the absolute hero of the season. It would be all right for him to be nominated, but, of course, he would have to face Matthew Macfadyen (succession), Alan Rook (succession), Nicholas Braun (succession), Alexander Skarsgard (succession), as well as F. Murray Abraham (white lotus), Michael Imperiali (white lotus), Theo James (white lotus) and Will Sharp (white lotus, Well, basically Matthew Macfadyen. But the enrollment stops here. The same must have happened with Sadie Sink. Ayo Adebiri (Bear) is tough to crack this year, as Janelle James (Abbott Elementary) and Sherrill Lee Ralph (Abbott Elementary, Although if you ask me and see I like adebiri Beari’ll give it to jessica williams shrink, which is the Apple TV+ series everyone should be watching and almost no one is watching (sad journalist smiley). Alex Borstein (the wonderful mrs maisel), always brilliant, had already had its moment in 2019, so it was served. to the temple of Juno (ted lasso) and Hannah Waddingham (ted lasso), Sadie Sink must have made a snack, especially after the decline of the series about the friendly football team that also bothers the flies. but no no stranger things It is not nominated because it could not be nominated. They should have never split Season 4 into two for one simple reason.

Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson, Stranger Things Season 4


Sadie Sink maxes out in Stranger Things


The clarification is that although the American TV Academy allows series to premiere episodes of the season after the eligibility deadline (May 31), they must air before the start of the voting for the nominations round. first seven episodes of season 4 stranger things They air on Netflix on May 27, 2022. The remaining two aired out of time on 1 July. no more no less. Netflix did not present the best episodes of the season because they were released after they were already out of date, in addition to the fact that, according to Academy rules, for a series to enter the Best Series category (whether ) is a drama or comedy) needed to be able to present six episodes, and this was not the case (two were dropped).

Anyway, we go back to the first one. they would have had little chance to successionthe end of better call Saul And white lotus, The rest were not competitive. In any case, don’t dare to risk that for Season 5 they will be more focused on adjusting the release dates, whether the series starts or not.

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