The emotional health program for the well-being of employees at work, by WellWo

The emotional health program for the well-being of employees at work, by WellWo

The pillars of good health for workers are a factor that is directly related to their performance and, therefore, to the productivity of the company they work for. Emotional health affects the business climate, so companies should not neglect this aspect in the management of their employees.

In this context, the WellWo platform developed a program of wellness corporate to improve the health and well-being of employees.

What is emotional health and how important is it for companies?

Emotional health is a fundamental part of general health. It is linked to emotions and the feeling of being well with oneself. Within a company or organization, emotional health allows establishing and maintaining healthy personal relationships with the rest of the team and staff. For this reason, companies must strive for the well-being of their workers, since it is a key factor for their growth, as well as for the fulfillment of their objectives within the established time.

Emotional health also influences other factors linked to the business sector such as lifestyle, habits, control of work stress, professional growth, among others that would directly affect the company imagethe team motivation and consequently, the improvement in getting results.

WellWo, the program wellness corporate

platform wellness WellWo corporate devised a plan for companies to promote healthy lifestyles. This program covers six fundamental pillars of your health: physical health, nutritional health, environmental health, social health, financial health, and emotional health.

In the area of ​​emotional health, the program covers a master class of psychology, whose main objective is to know oneself. It also contains a module mindfulness which studies the method of focusing attention on the present moment. In addition, this pillar offers a series of relaxation and meditation audios that are very useful for emotional well-being.

This SaaS platform is adjusted to each company and is customized according to its corporate image. It contains up to 10 embeddable modules and is available in six languages. For these reasons, WellWo is an excellent alternative for companies that care about the well-being of their workers and their work performance to reduce absenteeism and, at the same time, can improve the achievement of results.

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