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The beginning of the year is an important moment for companies. It is time to review what has been achieved in recent months and propose objectives and needs for the next quarters. HR managers are no strangers to this dynamic: they are in charge of promoting the well-being of the workforce and putting it at the service of smarter productivity.

To be successful in their task, they need to promote some issues that, when they work properly, make a difference compared to their competitors. Many of these companies will join in 2023 those that already have the help of wellness experts to give the final boost to their results.

Ifeel is responsible for providing large corporations with a complete emotional well-being service for your employees. Thanks to its constant communication with a multitude of HR managers from all sectors, this digital platform collects their demands for the improvement of people’s quality of life that they are in charge of. As a result of these requests, he has prepared an internal report with the main needs in the HR field, which will set the trend in this area during the year that has just begun.

In this sense, the conclusions at the end of the year are conclusive: people come first, especially in times of change and great uncertainty. In fact, the request for training, counseling and other health care resources from psychologists who are experts in labor welfare has multiplied by 4 since January 2022 and this trend is expected to consolidate in the coming months.

As can be seen from the internal report of ifel about the trends for 2023 in the field of HRone of the biggest concerns of companies is to reduce the work absenteeism acting on those triggers that have to do with the psychological discomfort of employees. Organizations know that it is not possible to achieve this without integrating work in a healthy way among the other facets of the lives of employees.

In addition, around 65% of large companies have as their first concern the improvement of communication between departments and the cohesion of teams, followed by interest in increasing the capacity for self-care for global well-being.

In this way, from the emotional well-being service for companies of ifel provides a relationship of the main needs expressed by large companies and will set the trend in the HR field by 2023.

Main HR needs for 2023

1. Improve communication between departments

As a company grows, its structure becomes more complex. Therefore, good internal communication is essential to improve performance. Unfortunately, it is often an area where conflicts or deficiencies arise that those responsible for Human Resources need to alleviate.

2. Unite distributed teams

Teleworking, hybrid formats, departments divided into different countries, languages ​​and time zones… Maintain team cohesion despite the difficulties and effectively coordinating the tasks continues in the worry radar within the area of ​​people management.

3. Increase emotional intelligence

The emotional intelligence It is a set of essential skills for the success of relationships, also at work. That’s why HR managers seek professional help to increase their skills and those of his team in this area.

4. Take care of the interaction with colleagues

Touching is affectionate but it also has other effects that should be handled properly. For it, HR managers keep asking for help in areas such as conflict resolution, improvement of social skills, active listening or the ability to give/receive feedback.

5. Promote self-care for mental health in the office

All of the above topics have to do with the well-being of employees. However, HR managers are also looking for training and information to empower their team members and promote the acquisition of good practices for mental health care both on and off the job. They know that it is essential to prevent problems such as burnout, as well as excessive stress and anxiety derived from work, and for this they need the help of complete emotional well-being services for companies such as ifel.

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