The end of an era! Cholo Simeone will stop being the coach of Atlético de Madrid and his substitute is a former Barcelona


The Argentine coach Diego Simeonewould cease to be the DT of the Athletic of Madrid at the end of the season, according to several Spanish media reports.

And it is that the defeat against Barça leaves the mattress team in an even more worrying situation than it was. Because they have fallen out of the top four in Spain’s La Liga, and are currently fifth in the table.

El Cholo is going through a bad moment in the season and is running the risk of being left out of European competitions. El Cholo cannot find the secret formula to solve the problems that currently exist in the squad.

On top of that, the rojiblancos no longer participate in any European competition, having finished last in their Champions League group.

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Its results have shown the discontent that exists in the board and in the fans. That is why it seems difficult for him to continue another year on the bench of the team he loves.

The president of Atlético de Madrid, Enrique Cerezo He believes that the Argentine coach’s cycle at the Civitas Metropolitano has ended, and that the best thing for everyone is to separate the paths that have united them for more than a decade.

However, first they must reach an agreement with ‘El Cholo’, who still has a valid contract, that is, that to fire him they should first pay him an astronomical compensation, since it must not be forgotten that he receives a net salary of 25 ‘kilos ‘ annual.

possible successors

Atleti does not waste time and has several names on its list. The most notorious have been Marcelino García Toral or José Bordalás, who are currently free. In fact, it has been leaked that there is already an agreement closed with Luis Enrique, who is also out of work.

Despite having offers from other teams after having left ‘la Roja’, at all times he has made it clear that his desire is to return to training a club.

Cerezo would have already had meetings with Luis Enrique, and the positions would be very close, so that the agreement could be considered almost closed, waiting to see what happens with Simeone.

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