The Energy Bureau gives a second extension to LUMA Energy to present the new electricity bill factors

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In response to the emergency caused by Hurricane Fiona, the Puerto Rico Energy Bureau granted today, Tuesday, a second extension to LUMA Energy to present the factors and reconciliations that will govern the electricity bill between October and Decembersetting this Friday, September 23, as the new deadline.

By resolution and order, of which The new day obtained a copy, the independent regulatory body determined that the consortium you have until 5:00 pm on Friday to present the proposed factors for the adjustment clauses for the purchase of fuel, purchase of energy and subsidies during the next quarter, as well as the reconciliations between income and expenses for July and August.

“If the date and time indicated here for said presentation are not met, on October 1, 2022, the current factors will be automatically applied until the Energy Bureau determines otherwise,” it is indicated in the resolution and order.

LUMA is supposed to deliver the factors and reconciliations on September 15. Two days earlier, however, he requested an extension from the Bureau, arguing that the Electric Power Authority owed him information. So, the independent regulatory body set yesterday, Monday, as the deadline.

“On September 19, 2022, Puerto Rico was receiving the impact of Hurricane Fiona, which has caused innumerable damages to the people and to the electrical system of the country. The Energy Bureau is aware that the country is in a recovery process and that the staff of LUMA and the Authority are focused on restoring electrical service as soon as possible”, stated President Edison Avilés and Associate Commissioners Lilian Mateo, Ferdinand Ramos and Sylvia Ugarte in today’s document.

Earlier, the Bureau’s spokeswoman, Marilyn Calo, had told The new day that the independent regulatory body would take Fiona’s emergency into consideration in the quarterly analysis of the electricity bill.

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