The essential element for your terrace this summer costs less than 30 euros


You must prepare the atmosphere for your guests.

The weather is starting to improve and we are leaving the cold behind. The terraces of the bars are filled more every day and ours (if we have one) should be dressing up for this summer. one of the elements to make our outdoor area beautiful from home is lighting. And what better way than with some lamps with RGB light that withstand inclement weather.

We have found 3 models from the same firm that they sell on Amazon and that could be a great buy for all those who love to have a terrace with an ambient lighting, to hang out, chat or have a quiet dinner. In addition, depending on the moment and the event, we can change the colors to our liking. Outdoor lights always come in handy, both in summer and at Christmas.

rgb outdoor lamp

Having outdoor lighting is essential to create the perfect environment

Decorate the exterior of the house with color for less than 30 euros

All of them they have a rustic design, with handles or ropes to hang where best suits us. All three models are waterproof, so we won’t have any problem if they stop working due to humidity or direct water. They are all RGB, with a maximum of 8 colors different ones to choose from. They have a rechargeable battery by means of a micro usb port.

They are ideal for both installing at home (indoor and outdoor) like to take away from camping, to the beach or the mountains of adventure We will be able to adjust the brightness, the color and all this with a very low energy consumption. so low that They usually last between 6 and 10 hours.more or less, depending on the intensity used and the color changes we make.

All three models are made of ABS plastic of high quality and resistance, and have inside 3 5050 RGB bulbs. His weight is around 400 gramsso you won’t have any problems hanging one of these lamps on a pergola, parasol or hook. Ideal options for decorating our home now that the good weather begins and we feel more like being outside than inside the house.

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