The Evening of Year 2: Influencers fight, AriGameplays, the champion

MEXICO CITY.- Content creator Ibai Llanos makes history on Twitch with “La soiree del año 2”, which brought together various content creators, artists, soccer players and other celebrities to enjoy influencer boxing matches where AriGameplays vs. Paracetamor was the fight of the night.

At the height of the event, the 3 million viewer mark was surpassed, quite a milestone on Twitch for an independent channel.

The most epic moment of the night would come in the second confrontation where AriGameplays vs. Paracetamor gave a show. As soon as the bell rang, both rushed to throw punches, a rhythm that would continue until the third round. In the end, Ari was given as victorious.

«It was not about getting in the ring and fighting… we all prepared ourselves to give a show to all our followers. I prepared myself for several weeks to take this seriously and it was,” he explained.

Through his networks, AriGameplays showed how he prepared for his match and how heavy his training was.

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