the evidence in an article published in Nature

Lack of information on the airborne transmission of the virus, on the effectiveness of the masks and on the contagiousness of asymptomatic patients

The article ranks all the mistakes made by the Swedish authorities and effectively rejects the Sweden model without appeal

, that is the strategy of dealing with the pandemic by focusing on the achievement of a “natural” herd immunity without resorting to the lockdown. In summary, the researchers argue, “the authorities did not follow the scientific method, but considered valid alternative narratives and consequently put arbitrary policies into practice”.

“If Sweden wants to do better in future pandemics – reads the abstract of the publication – the scientific method must be re-established, even within the Public Health Agency”. Pointing to the wrong decisions made in the past two years, the article recommends that Sweden begin “a self-critical process about its political culture and the lack of accountability of decision makers to avoid future failures, as happened with the COVID-19 pandemic.”

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