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The popular game Alto’s Adventure make the leap to Apple Arcade today with a new remastered version of it. Alto’s Adventure: The Spirit of the Mountain expands on the challenges, story, characters, and gameplay options in a way that feels natural to adventure newcomers and new to those of us who have already enjoyed this title.

Endless, but with a clear level structure

For those who do not know the adventures of Alto, we must start at the beginning. In our first game we already have the protagonist, Alto, whom his herd of llamas has escaped. Fortunately, Alto is able to chase them down the hill with his snowboard to retrieve them.

Jumps, grinds and flips never hurt while chasing llamas, right? In fact the game gives us points for them. What’s more, with each trick we increase our speedwith which we can better manage certain obstacles or perform more movements while we are in the air.

Wednesday 23 Mar 2022 21 41 23

The endless dynamics of the game challenges us with levels in which we must complete three objectives. From bouncing off a rock, then grinding and knocking down 200 flags to doing a triple backflip, the different challenges allow us to move forward and unlock new characters with different abilities.

An extended story, rather than a new story

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For those of us who arrived at Alto’s Adventure: The Spirit of the Mountain having already enjoyed its original version, the new content will give us the opportunity to show everything we have already learned. Not wanting to do too many spoilers, but giving an idea of ​​what to look for when we first start the game let’s note that there is a new character.

We can unlock it from level seven, but to do so we must find a series of 10 “wooden artifacts” that will appear scattered throughout our different games. This character has a new set of unique skills that give us totally new gaming opportunities.

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When we play with this new character we will periodically find challenges called “Lost Goals” that we can collect and fulfill. With these objectives we will unlock new challenges to complete and continue to evolve as we advance through the different levels.

At Alto they are aware of the number of people who have already played the original version of Alto’s Adventure, so they offer us the option of import the progress we have already completed. We will do this in the game options menu.

An evolution that has been a long time in the making

Wednesday 23 Mar 2022 21 39 17

At Applesfera we have been able to interview Ryan Cash, CEO of Snowman, developer of Alto’s Adventure, who has told us more about the game. According to Ryan, The Spirit of the Mountain project began almost after the completion of the original version of the game. The team came up with new ideas, some of which carried over to Alto’s Odyssey, but several required the Adventure environment to make sense.

“The two versions of Alto’s adventures are consistent with each other, they respect each other and the tone of each one is unique. In Alto’s Adventure the tone, the general dynamic of the game, is more intimate, exploring the mountain as we find it .”

“In Alto’s Odyssey biomes, the spirit of discovering new worlds, play a predominant role. By expanding Alto’s adventures with The Spirit of the Mountain we have returned to the original idea. To an original that saw the light of day no less than seven years. Enough time for the players of our first installment to have changed a lot of perspective when it comes to games.”

In this new installment the team has had the opportunity to add content, to fit new ideas. To develop more characters. To enter something much more experimental in terms of skills. Ryan tells us how satisfying it has been for the team to be able to return to this projectthe project that put them on the mobile gaming map.

An evolution that has been possible thanks to Apple Arcade

Wednesday 23 Mar 2022 21 39 33

In this sense of evolution, of continuity, we have asked about the role that Apple Arcade is playing (pun intended) in development. Ryan’s response highlights how Apple’s gaming service allows you to create a war free environment for our care in which to approach the development of games in a way that now hardly seems possible anymore.

“Apple Arcade allows us to evolve. The world of mobile gaming changes a lot and very fast. It’s changed a lot since it started in 2008. When we came in 2015 we were a premium game, now it’s different. Now it’s very difficult to create a premium game in the meantime free content. Free because it fights for our attention. Even TikTok is in competition with games these days.”

“With Alto’s Adventure we were very lucky, as we came at a time when creating a game was “easy”. Now the landscape is very different. With Apple Arcade, you can remove the pre-payment barrier to publicize a good game. This allows us to evolve as a studio and evolve the franchise free from having to compete for attention or monetization that would directly interfere with gameplay.”

Alto's Odyssey The Lost City will be on Apple Arcade on July 16 and its trailer promises

Thanks to Apple Arcade, whether we discover Alto’s Adventure for the first time or come from the first installments, it is clear that we will enjoy this new version of Alto’s adventures. adventures that start with grab our snowboard and slide down the hillbut they include much more.

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