The evolution of Ana de Armas on her red carpets, she was always an it-girl

Evolution of the actress’s style.

The Cuban-born actress has caught the attention of her American fans in recent years thanks to movies like Knives Outits public-affair with Ben Affleck and his brief cameo in No Time to Die. However, ever since she stepped into the spotlight, all eyes have been on the actress, and they’re likely to stay there, especially considering that de Armas is set to play Marilyn Monroe in the long-awaited adaptation of the movie. Pulitzer Prize finalist novel by Joyce Carol Oates: Blonde.

But the 34-year-old actress has been walking red carpets for a lot longer than you probably realize. Before finding success in Hollywood, she moved to our country at age 18 and began landing roles within two weeks of arriving. She starred in the popular teen drama The intership for six seasons, as well as several films in our language. After a few years of keeping it relatively casual on the red carpet, de Armas began to go all out. She was one of the favorite attendees of fashion events in Madrid and she began to make a name for herself on the international film festival circuit before arriving in Hollywood. De Armas has already attended the Golden Globes and two Vanity Fair Oscar Parties; however, one gets the distinct feeling that her biggest moments on the red carpet are yet to come. Her invitations to events like the Oscars or the Met Gala can’t be far off, and she’ll likely be wearing her favorite label, Louis Vuitton, when she arrives.

Until then, let’s review Ana’s most significant looks to date…

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