The Evolution of Elvis: King of Rock ‘n’ Roll Presley to be brought to life with AI hologram for world show

The hype around Elvis Presley is gaining momentum again! After Austin Butler’s superb performance in Elvis and Jacob Elordi’s performance in Sofia Coppola’s Priscilla, the excitement continues with a new show called The Evolution of Elvis. Opening in London in November 2024, the show promises to bring Elvis back to life using artificial intelligence hologram technology.

Elvis Presley returns as an artificial intelligence hologram

Forty-seven years after Elvis passed away in 1977, Elvis Evolution is expected to be a stunning event produced by British company Layered Reality. The show will include a concert that aims to recreate the thrill of Elvis performing live. Using cutting-edge technology, a life-size digital Elvis will sing his most iconic songs and show off his signature moves on the British stage for the first time.

The UK company producing the event said: “The show culminates in a concert experience that will recreate the seismic impact of a live Elvis performance for a whole new generation of fans, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy,” they explained in the announcement: “A life-size digital Elvis will share his the most iconic songs and moves on the British stage.”

After Elvis recently scored a Top 20 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 with “Blue Christmas,” Elvis Evolution plans to take fans on a journey of making memories. Through the use of artificial intelligence and groundbreaking technology, audiences will witness Elvis’ iconic performances as if they were actually happening, celebrating key moments in his extraordinary life and career.

The show will go on a world tour

The excitement continues in London; After its debut, the show will go on a world tour. Stops are planned in Las Vegas, Berlin and Tokyo so fans from all over the world can experience the magic. Andrew McGuinness, founder and CEO of Layered Reality, promises the show will provide deep insight into Elvis’ life and will include thousands of personal photographs and home videos. The event will culminate with a life-size AI performance of some of his biggest hits by Elvis.

The announcement coincides with the release of Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis on Netflix. The show also comes at a time when Cailee Spaeny, who played Priscilla Presley in Priscilla, is nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama. It’s worth noting that last year’s Golden Globes marked the final public appearance of Elvis’ daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, who sadly passed away at the age of 54 just two days after the awards show.

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