the exact measurements are filtered with some surprise

Thanks to the leaked schematics, we now know the exact measurements of the iPhone 14 Pro, which are different from those of the iPhone 13 Pro.

Although there are still many months for Apple to present its new iPhone 14, we already know a lot about them thanks to the leaks that have been appearing since the end of last year. Every year the same thing happens, and practically there are very few surprises left to discover. One advantage is that Apple already has the final design of the iPhone 14 defined, which means that we can know a lot about them.

In this case, the complete measurements of the iPhone 14 Pro have been leaked thanks to leaked CAD files. These files show very precisely the design of the devices, and can even measure distances to find out the exact dimensions. And thanks to them we now know that the iPhone 14 Pro will be slightly taller and thicker than the iPhone 13 Pro.

The exact measurements of the iPhone 14 Pro

This great concept and the exact measurements have been published by Konstantin Konovalov, from the account @apple_lab, based on leaks by Max Weinbach. That he always does an excellent job in terms of design of future Apple devices based on information and rumors. In this case, we have all the exact measurements of the iPhone 14 Pro.

The measurements of the iPhone 14 Pro

These would be the exact measurements of the iPhone 14 Pro

  • Total measures iPhone 14 Pro: 147.46 mm high x 71.45 mm wide and 7.85 mm thick.
  • Total measurements iPhone 13 Pro: 146.7mm high x 71.5mm wide x 7.6mm thick.
  • Total measures iPhone 14 Pro Max: 160.7mm high x 77.58mm wide x 7.85mm thick.
  • Total measurements iPhone 13 Pro Max: 160.8mm high x 78.1mm wide x 7.6mm thick.

As we can see, there is a significant size difference in the iPhone 14 Pro, almost a millimeter high and 0.25 millimeters wide, something that had already been leaked previously but without specific data, we also have important changes in the camera module. Not only will we have a bigger module, the cameras also grow up to 1mm according to the leaked schematics.

  • iPhone 14 Pro camera measurements: 36.7mm wide x 38.24mm high x 4.35mm thick, 16mm diameter sensors.
  • iPhone 13 Pro camera measurements: 36.56mm wide x 37.72mm high x 3.65mm thick, 15mm diameter sensors.
iPhone 14 Pro vs. iPhone 13 Pro

These images compare the iPhone 14 Pro with the iPhone 13 Pro

This denies previous rumors that the iPhone 14 Pro cameras would be flush with the device, since instead of dwarfing the module will stand out more. We’ll see if this is related to the rumors about a new 48-megapixel main sensor, which would be very interesting.

If the iPhone 14 does not have this it will be a disaster

The schemes of the iPhone 14 Pro have brought us good news, however that has not happened with those of the iPhone 14, which confirm the worst news, something similar to what has happened with the information regarding the processor. We have to wait until the end of the year to see if all this ends up being fulfilled.

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