The exercise with landmine that your abdomen needs

The exercises that we can include in our core workouts are practically endless. It is a part of our body that does not work in isolation, since it is involved in all functional movements, as well as the most specific ones. Specific, exercising it through a three-dimensional plane of movement will help improve all our strength.

In this video, our personal trainer Víctor Téllez (@vtellezcoach) proposes an exercise that pursues this objective. with landmine, a bar anchored to a point from which we can move it. To carry it out, we must place the feet in a parallel position, at a distance slightly more separated from the width of the hips.

Then, we move the bar from one side to another with the arms well stretched, drawing half circles in the air. The back must be kept straight and, through small impulses, we manage the landmine.

“From the projection of the force that you generate with your feet and with your abdomen, it has to be a crossed movement where your back is straight all the time,” says Téllez, who adds that the pelvis must rotate on his hips.

If you have questions about this or other exercises, our coach will answer you without problems through his social networks. In addition, you can access this link in case you want to know more about other workouts, exercises, tips or tricks.

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