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Damien Betular He visited PH, Podemos Hablar this Saturday and recalled his career as a pastry chef and how Bake Off and Masterchef changed his and his family’s lives.

For many years of his life, Damián was the Executive Chef of Palacio Duhau. There he met international celebrities such as Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Will Smith, Emma Watson and Mick Jagger.

During dinner, Betular recalled the day a super famous couple asked her to make their wedding cake and charged her $20,000.

“The two very famous, they are no longer together. The cake was 20 thousand dollars because it was a replica of the wedding cake of Kate Middleton and Prince Harry”, Damián explained and added that they spent 15 days for the realization and that he had to hire a large group of people since there were hundreds of roses and details that had to be adapted from the English culture to our country.

When he explained that the only cake that was edible was the top part since the rest was just for decoration, Andy reacted without filter and told him: “You ripped them off”

Betular explained that these types of cakes are always made that way, but alternative cakes are also made with the same fillings, which is what is served to the guests.

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