The Expendables 4 promises tons of violence, blood and guts

If there’s any certainty about the next action movie expense4blesWill be given an R rating. official red band trailer for expense4blesalso know as the expendables 4promises “lots of violence, blood and adventure.”

The fourth installment of the popular Expendables franchise marks the return of two key characters: Sylvester Stallone ,tulsa king) as Barney Ross, leader of the mercenaries, and Jason Statham as Lee Christmas, Ross’ second-in-command and knife expert. Mercenaries are called in to stop a terrorist named Suarto (Echo Uvis). by raid) of provoking a nuclear conflict between Russia and the United States.

EXPEND4BLES (2023) Official Red Band Trailer – Jason Statham, Sylvester Stallone, 50 Cent, Megan Fox

The franchise is known for its large cast of famous action stars. Dolph Lundgren reprising his roles from the previous installments (section eight) as Gunner Jensen and Randy Couture (Shock) as toll road. New artists include Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson (Power) as Easy Day, Megan Fox (transformer) live, as Tony Jaa (furious 7) as Decha, Jacob Scipio (bad boys for Life) as gal, levi tran (first purification) as Lash, and Andy Garcia (father of the Bride) as Marsh.

Old blood meeting new blood on the posters of Characters from Expend4ables.

expense4bles It is directed by Scott Waugh (hidden strike) from a script by Kurt Wimmer (law abiding citizen), Tad Daggerhart (black lotus) and Max Adams (terminal list, The script is based on a story by Wimmer, Daggerhart and Spencer Cohen (Moon, Like the first two installments, expense4bles It will be given an R rating. The third film in the series, PG-13 was the highest-grossing film.

expense4bles To be released in theaters on September 22 by Lionsgate.

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