The explanation of the ending of The White Lotus


On Monday 13 September on Sky Atlantic (and on demand on Sky) the fifth and sixth episode, or the final episodes, of The White Lotus, the TV series produced by HBO and set in a luxury resort hotel in Hawaii.

In the following lines we will analyze the season 1 finale of The White Lotus and then we will report what is known at the moment about season 2, so if you want to avoid spoilers we invite you to read the review of the first 4 episodes.

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The White Lotus ending explanation (SPOILER!)

The question that all viewers were asking themselves from the beginning of the series has finally been answered: the dead person at the resort is Armond, the manager (or rather the former manager) of the resort, played by Australian actor Murray Bartlett.

We found out almost at the end of episode 6, just before the epilogue that brought us back to the airport where we were at the beginning, when two tourists questioned Shane, clearly embarrassed: not only for the quarrels with Rachel (Alexandra Daddario), returned only to the last scene, but also because Shane himself killed Armond, involuntarily stabbing him.

To be honest, episodes 5 and 6 seemed a little disappointing when compared to the first 4, but let’s take two steps back. In the fifth episode, in fact, very little happens: the only noteworthy narrative line concerns the Mossbacher and Paula, Olivia’s friend (that Sydney Sweeney protagonist on Prime di The Voyeurs): Paula convinces Kai, the employee of the resort (who chased her family from the land they owned to build the hotel) with whom she has an affair, to empty the safe full of jewels in the Mossbacher suite.

Except, instead of going on the planned excursion, Nicole argues with the family and goes back to the room while Kai is at work; the boy mistreats her and throws her to the ground, but soon after comes her husband Mark who has a fight with Kai, who still manages to escape with the stolen goods.

And here we are at the sixth and final episode: Rachel, who does not understand the fact that her mother-in-law Kitty has shown up for their honeymoon, now seems close to the final break with Shane; Belinda begins to realize that Tanya is not a reliable financier, intent on having fun with Greg instead of looking at the plans for Belinda’s spa; Armond is in the final showdown with Shane, who has found a way to get him fired and at the same time blackmail him for seeing him having sex in his office. As for the Mossbacher, their “storyline” is practically already over, apart from the quarrel between Paula and Olivia, who has understood that behind the robbery there is her friend, but the stolen goods have been found and Shane brought to justice, so he says nothing to his parents and makes peace with Paula.

Basically we get to the end of the series without much more to add, maybe just Quinn who wants to stay there paddling a canoe with her new Hawaiian friends. Then Armond decides to finish off with a party based on all the drugs he has left, until he decides that to make Shane pay for it he has to defecate in his suitcase. He goes to his room, does what he wants to do and is about to leave when Shane arrives: Armond hides, Shane hunts him, and involuntarily comes the stab in the chest that kills the former director of White Lotus.


Rachel seeks advice from Belinda, who is too disappointed with Tanya to keep her patience; so, without a reason, Rachel returns to Shane and promises to be happy, while in the last scene we also see Quinn running away from her family and leaving the airport, to pursue her dream.

Pulling the strings of the series, we must therefore recognize that the final episodes are rather slow and uninteresting, especially when compared to the first 4. Perhaps, condensing the ending into a single episode instead of the usual 2, we would have had a better pace until the end.

Having said that, it cannot be denied that The White Lotus is an absolutely enjoyable TV series as a whole, especially for the relational dynamics it stages, supported by a cast that is always up to the occasion.

What to expect from The White Lotus 2

In the US, the TV series was released on HBO between mid-July and mid-August. And shortly after the release of the last installment ended, confirmation came that The White Lotus has been renewed for a second season.

Let’s start by saying what is known for sure: The White Lotus 2 will not take place in Hawaii, but in another resort of the imaginary chain of hotels. As communicated by HBO itself, it could be a White Lotus Saint Tropez or a White Lotus, Kyoto, we still don’t know.

As for the cast of the second season, the creator-writer-director of the series, Mike White, told Indiewire: “I don’t think you can have a credible way to have all the guests of season 1 together again on vacation.” . “But maybe it could be something like the Marvel universe, where some of them come back,” he told Entertainment Weekly.

More or less similar the concept expressed by Alexandra Daddario: “I don’t know much about season 2, but in the current world of TV … I think there is always a way”.

And now we come to the “negative” news: as expected, if we still do not know where and when it will be filmed and who will be the protagonists of The White Lotus 2, it is difficult that we will see the second season by 2022, more likely an exit to early 2023.


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