The explanation of why some celebrities look like each other

There are certain situations in life that always give us a little cringe. We refer specifically to that moment, in a social event or a meeting, in which someone draws us a resemblance to someone we do not know and we may never know.

The intensity of the affirmation admits degrees, of course. It can be a simpleYou remind me of someone I know” (we breathe a sigh of relief) or level up to “You are just like X”, time to shrug your shoulders, talk about the weather or excuse yourself with a gastrointestinal urgency to get out on foot.

Knowing that one has a doppelganger out there always makes us an atavistic and visceral rejection. Who hasn’t had that happen to choose a partner who, by the art of birlibirloque, ends up being just like you (or the other way around), in a sort of sinister gestural and physical symbiosis? Or confuse two celebrities with very similar faces with careers as different as they are distant in time?

Surely you thought that this resembling another person and another person and another person was a random phenomenon, but you’re wrong. Science already has some convincing explanation. There is even a company dedicated solely to using celebrity doubles in the most varied tasks.

They are equal

The evidence is there. Margot Robbie (‘I, Tonya’) is nailed to Emma Mackey (‘Sex Education’). Thandie Newton and Zoe Saldaña, separated at birth. Keira Knightley and Natalie Portman, seen from the right angle, are almost twins. Ralph Fiennes, as he grows old and hair loss, is close to being mistaken for Liam Neeson at the airport and asked for an autograph for the wrong movie. We could continue this list with Bryce Dallas Howard, who in certain frames looks suspiciously like Jessica Chastain, as if they had been taken out of a vacuum mold. They are just a few examples.

margot robbie emma mackey lookalike

Separated at birthNetflix

How can it be that all these actors and actresses, and by extension, so many people around the world, have at least one kind of mirror What does it look suspiciously like? Although there are different investigations aimed at solving this question, there is already a scientific study carried out by the Josep Carreras Leukemia Research Institute that points to the correct answer.

This research published in cell reporter magazine has collected biological tests of very similar people each other and has analyzed them in detail: how your DNA is sequenced, what their microbes are made of, and what epigenetic profile they have. According to Manel Esteller, project leader, the study will help diagnose genetic diseases from the analysis of the images and the shape of the face of the study subjects, with extra help. “It would make it possible to reconstruct the face of an unknown person from only a DNA sample, one of the great challenges of forensic and criminal medicine.”

a possible answer to the extreme resemblance of certain celebrities with others could reside in DNA variations. The study data suggests that these variations, involved in the physiognomy of the face and features, would be similar, and it is not ruled out that they could influence aspects such as weight and height, which, by the way, are usually details that agree on these celebrities who are dopplegangers of others.

The chances of having a double

It is already known that human beings genetically tend to diversity in our physical appearance. “There are genes involved in the size and shape of the face, others in the color of the eyes, others in the hair…” explains biologist Michael Sheeham in an article in El Confidencial. “And the fact that there are many more cells that determine what our facial appearance will be like than those that influence, for example, what the hand or legs will be like, is proof that our species tends towards diversity […] Although there are many possible combinations, in the end, as the population increases, it reaches the point where some end up repeating itself.


Some years ago, the researcher Teghan Lucas tried to answer the question of the supposed ‘double’ that we all have somewhere in the world. His study extensively researched more than 4,000 photographs of isolated individuals and cross-referenced them with various US military photo databases. Next, he statistically calculated the probability that two geographically separated people would look alike.

According to his calculations, of the 7.55 billion people who live in the world, there are only 135 chances that there is a pair of true doubles. Which leads us to think that this statistic will increase when there is a slight resemblance to another person and will decrease when the similarities in the face, features and even gestures coincide to that point of cringe, and the consequent question: why I feel like I’m looking in the mirror?

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