the extortion he suffered in El Progreso, his departure from Motagua and his new destination in the National League


The security issue in Honduras has always been an unresolved problem and soccer is no stranger to it. A few days ago, three footballers from Motagua were loaned out to Honduras Progreso, but the story changed when they arrived at Perla del Ulúa.

The Jason SanchezFabricio Galindo and Juan Ramón Gómez traveled to the city of El Progreso, with the illusion of being able to have a greater participation in the National League and add minutes with the rice team.

Jack Baptiste has already signed a contract with Olimpia and becomes the third signing of Pedro Troglio’s team

Days after his arrival in that city, TEN He learned that the boys from Tegucigalpa received extortion threats and that changed his fate after the audio via Whatsapp that reached his phone.

Jason Sanchezone of the footballers who had been made official as a new player of the Honduras of Progressafter being assigned as a loan, broke the silence in an interview for the alleged extortion experienced in the north zone.

The former player of motagua He returned to the capital, where he filed a complaint with the National Police and took the appropriate security measures, now he took a new assignment with the UPNFM Wolves, who announced him as their new member.


Already in the first training session with the UPNFM Wolves?
Yes, thank God I was able to play the first collective with the team to get in tune with the other teammates as soon as possible and thus be available for the first game.

Did you join the team without waiting for it because your destiny was another?

yes, I have always said that God’s plans are perfect. If he brought me here it is for a reason and I trust that it will be the best for me and my family.

Was the extortion case true?

The truth is difficult to touch those issues, it’s ugly. As I told you, thank God everything was solved and we are here with UPNFM.

Did you feel insecure personally?
Yes, the first thing that came to mind was my safety and that of my family. Thanks to God, everything was solved and we are here in Tegucigalpa with my family.

Now you have to change your mind and be focused here with the Wolves to try to have a good tournament and qualify for the league, since that is what the teacher Castellón told me, that is the objective.

Did you file a complaint for the extortion?
Yes, on Thursday morning I filed the complaint and everything is under the law. I had to change my number for security measures, but thank God everything is fine now.

Do you feel calmer here in the capital?
Yes, I have more peace of mind, I had been here in the capital for a while and that had never happened to me, but hey, God knows what their plans are; now we are here.

Now is it time to earn a position here?
Undoubtedly. Here the competition is difficult, but that’s the beauty, that’s what makes you grow as a player, having competition and teammates who require you to grow.

Are you now an official player of the UPNFM Wolves?
Yes, an agreement was reached with Motagua and the papers now belong to the UPNFM and I will be here for a year.

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