The extraordinary flood in Death Valley, an event that can occur “once in 1,000 years”

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Flood in Death Valley

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The amount of water that fell almost equals the record of 37.3 millimeters.

A very unusual event happened in the desert Valley of Death.

The rainfall in recent days was so intense in this national park located in the states of California and Nevada (USA) that it caused a great flood and about a thousand people were stranded, half of them visitors and the other half workers.

But what was striking was the amount of water that fell over the weekend in Furnace Creek, where Death Valley headquarters is located, within three hours: 37.1 millimeters. That’s roughly equivalent to an average year’s worth of rain here, according to the National Park Service (NPS).

“The heavy rain that caused the devastating floods in Death Valley was an extremely rare event, occurring once every 1,000 years,” said Daniel Berc, a meteorologist with the US National Weather Service.

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