The extreme measure that was agreed for the quarterfinal games in Guadalajara

MX League

It will be this Thursday from 9:05 p.m. when the series between the Flock and the Foxes will start on the field of the Giant of Zapopan.

Chivas vs.  Atlas: The unexpected measure that was taken for the Quarterfinals
© Jam MediaChivas vs. Atlas: The unexpected measure that was taken for the Quarterfinals

For just over two years that the pandemic has left us with a very clear situation, wear the mask at all times, whether in public spaces and even more so in closed places, but facing the Ida game for the Quarterfinals between Chivas de Guadalajara and Atlas an unexpected decision was made that never ceases to amaze.

Last Monday the Governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro issued a statement on social networks to celebrate that the infections of COVID-19 in the entity they are in historical numbers on the decline, for which it was concluded that for open spaces the use of face masks is no longer mandatory, as is the case of the Akron and Jalisco stadiums, where the Liguilla duels will start this Thursday.

The public will no longer have to make use of this article that for many months was a basic necessity. to prevent the spread of infections, although with this it is clear that the virus that has hit Mexico to a great extent is coming down considerably without being able to completely relax the measures agreed by the health services.

Great security device for the games between Chivas and Atlas

On the other hand yesand reported on the security measures with which they will try to prevent clashes from taking place between both bars, which will be able to access the property thanks to the Fan ID in the case of the Rojingeros followers and the credentialing with the fans of the Sacred Flock.

Poll Do you think it’s a good idea to no longer wear a mask in a stadium?

Do you think it’s a good idea to no longer wear a mask in a stadium?

No, I will still use it

No, I still don’t go to the stadiums


A total of 600 police officers, 50 firefighters, 40 paramedics and 700 private emergency agents They will be at the house in Guadalajara, asnillo was informed at a press conference by directors of both teams together with the municipal presidents of the capital of Jalisco and Zapopan: “It is a party that two teams from Jalisco reach the Liguilla. feel safe, I have faith that we have the capacity, the experience and the number of elements to make them feel calm”, explained Juan José Frangie, mayor of Guadalajara.

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