The Faculty of Medicine “is a great challenge”

Governor Gildo Insfrán’s announcement of the creation of the Faculty of Medicine, within the Provincial University of Laguna Blanca, was received with great satisfaction by provincial and national legislators from the Frente de Todos (FdT), within the framework of the Solidarity Operation “For Our People, Everything”, this Saturday the 13th.

In this regard, in statements to the Formosa News Agency (AGENFOR), the provincial deputy Agustín Samaniego said: “It is great news to have a Faculty of Medicine in the interior of the province, which is really a source of pride. , that as the Governor said ‘we Formoseños deserve’.

Above all, “when they told us for a long time that we should wait, that we dreamed too high, that utopias were unattainable”, however, “Insfrán breaks with that since in Formosa dreams come true, because having this is an advance in all the senses”, he exultantly expounded.

He also noted that this is possible from having “a consolidated, equitable, strengthened health system; and the academic part that also has its very important part” in all this, he strengthened.

Likewise, for the president of the justicialista bloc in the Legislature, “having the Provincial University of Laguna Blanca is a great joy that demonstrates everything we have walked in all this time and also opens doors to the future.”

And that “progress is always available to everyone, in this case the young people of Formosa and other provinces will be able to study medicine and a degree in nursing, and the other careers that are taught,” he added.

In short, it represents “a great challenge” from now on; and for this reason he asked to take it “with serenity and responsibility” and that he also noted that it will have an irradiating effect on the entire community, “so that investment in science and technology, in the educational system, is bearing fruit.”

In the same line, the deputy Carlos Hugo Insfrán expressed himself: “This was a surprise for the entire province, and with more reason as Lagunense, immensely happy.”

In her turn, the national deputy Graciela Parola, defined as a “historical” fact, where “the Formosans and Formosans are protagonists of this moment in the province,” she said.

And to gauge the importance of this, he stressed that this, which is part of the transit of the Formoseño Model, “does not occur in other parts of the country, and that is transcendental.”

“Neither a governor like ours, nor a consolidated political project like Formosa’s. And it is what makes the people accompany so forcefully, because it is fulfilling the dreams of Formosans”, he praised, when giving statements to AGENFOR.

In turn, Parola also highlighted “the planning” of the provincial management, which made that province “forgotten by the country” grow “step by step, with patience and effort, and always with the love and accompaniment of the people ”, he finished.

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