The (false) of Pnelope Cruz, that of Blanca Surez and other bangs that will be a trend this fall of 2022

Far behind are those years, many, in which the fringe was terrified and flee from him like the plague. Dark decades in which to cut one -which also used to be ‘one’: straight, smooth, canonical, ‘hard’, which did not favor everyone and was very difficult to comb and maintain depending on which case- was to choose a path of no return that could turn out well or fatally, and the drama was served for months, those whose hair took time to grow.

Fortunately, times have changed. The variety of bangs that are cut today are as many and as personalized as face and hair types of their owners, with which the tears of repentance are transformed into looks that are maintained over time. Because today, if a bang suits you, it stays forever. If even curly hair, where the bangs were almost a taboo subject, they are the most now if they are worn with one!

It is not surprising then that a spring with cuts where the fringe was essential, followed by an autumn the same, in which any of the trend cuts will be even more winning if it is accompanied by, of course, a fringe.

What do you get with the right bangs

never underestimate the power of a good fringe, tell all those French actresses (8and not) who know inside out what its instant rejuvenating effect is.

The bangs get change projection of our face and highlight features. In addition, aware of their potential, many celebrities have cut their bangs at a time of change (it was the famous case of Ana de Armas, coinciding with her goodbye to Ben Affleck).

The softest and lightest allow soften harsh jaw lines and the sides give dimension to round faces. In short, there is always a fringe for you. If, in addition, you want to set a trend, take note of these five autumn styles.

The mini curtain fringe is worn, word of Penlope Cruz and Blanca Surez

Although somewhat shorter Blanca Surez that of Penlope Cruz in Venice, the curtain fringe in mini version that they have chosen both promises to be an autumn ‘boom’.

And how is this fringe? “It is short, to the middle of the forehead, and can be cut paraded or ‘bitten’ to sweeten the features”, they explain from Blow Dry Bar (Madrid).

The difference with the bangs short but straight is that this is more of a curtain fringe than a baby bang, only in an XS version. This undoubtedly contributes to the fact that it feels better on more types of faces, since the parade and the fact that it can be opened makes it carefree, easy to comb In addition to favoring the oval or elongated faces.

If, in addition, the height is adjusted, it can also suit round faces very well, as explained by Fran Galn, colorist and stylist The Beauty Concept Hair (Jos Ortega y Gasset, 47, in Madrid).

The long fringe, in the 70s, that blends with the mane

When the trends of the 90s and those of the 70s shake hands, the resulting cocktail can be one of the most flattering, when it comes to bangs. And this is the style that promises to win, with the permission of the mini in curtain version, this fall.

“This fringe is worn long, airy and paraded and with the sides with a length that gradually lengthens simulating merge with the mane”, explains the hairdresser Rachel Saiz of Salon Blue by Raquel Saiz (Cantabria). You can go shorter, dakota johnson, or longer and ‘fused’, along Jennifer Lopez.

ALT: bangs to be

Dakota Johnson and the seventies fringe that is integrated into the hair in a short version.GTRES

At the time of picking it up, we leave it loose, thus achieving that the face is framed and that the strands fall to the sides, And that’s where the very ’90s effect comes in.

And who will look better with this fringe? The faces that it most favors are the squares and heart, it makes their eyes stand out, says Saiz.

Bangs to the side

ALT : bangs to be

Georgina Rodríguez in Venice with a lopsided bang.GETTY IMAGES

The last to wear a fringe to one side, in a blunt version inevitably reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn, It has been Georgina Rodríguez, also at the Venice Festival.

This fringe is a classic, that’s why it always works, both in long hair, bobs or pixies. “It’s perfect for narrow foreheads, since it covers only a part. Also, the diagonal line frames the face more smoothly than straight bangs,” says Raphael Good of Rafael Bueno Hairdressers (Mlaga).

Side bangs are suitable for round faces, since it balances the features and resembles them to oval faces. “It can be worn with a polished finish or a more natural one, and clips or hairpins can be included to create one or to facilitate fastening if it is very long,” says Bueno.

The bangs on curly hair

That curly hair is living its golden age is a fact. And so, as a direct consequence, curly bangs They accompany us with different styles, from the most brazen to the most subtle.

According to hairdressers, these curly bangs work both in loose hair as in collected with those that will always remain loose on the forehead and on the sides.

As for what types of face are the most ‘benefited’ by these bangs, “the longest and dense are recommended for elongated faces, the ms light they are for squares”recommends Rafael Bueno.

Short Bangs for a Short Style

With the mini-curtain bangs à la Penlope Cruz or Blanca Surez, other styles also coexist shorter, straighter, those known as baby bang, that are updated forming a new fringe full of shapes.

“They are cut ruffled, layered and combed to the side with hair like mullets, shaggys or bobs,” as Raquel Saiz points out.

And who are fit to carry this reinvention of the baby bang, so modern? Surely the faces oval and roundaccording to the experience of Raquel Saiz.

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