The family of the deceased teenager protested in front of Palaco Hospital.

On October 14, Abraham Álvarez died after becoming infected with Hantavirus. A few days earlier, he went to Palaco Hospital and was diagnosed with gastroenteritis and sent home, which represents medical negligence to his family.

A month after his departure, his family has regained their strength and are determined that this type of incident will not happen again, which is why they marched through the city streets towards the hospital.

“At this time we are not asking for compensation or any monetary benefit, no, what we are asking is that the Palaco hospital function as it should,” Aneyela, Abraham Álvarez’s mother, announced a few days ago Palaco’s diary.

The banners seen this Saturday revealed their dissatisfaction with the medical care the now deceased young man from Palaquino received.

One sign read, “Justice for Abraham and all victims of medical negligence.”

“Enough of the carelessness” or “We raise our voices for Abraham” were other messages present in the peaceful march that took place this Saturday morning.

Another issue that emerged among the group was that of the fourth shift at the hospital.

“That they have a fourth shift, that they can test there, especially at this time when hantavirus is high. “If there is a laboratory in Palaco, we don’t want to waste time going to Valdivia or anywhere else to take the test,” the victim’s mother had said a few days ago.

It should be noted that on October 20, the Los Ríos Health Service confirmed to Grupo DiarioSur that a clinical audit had been carried out at the Palaco Hospital regarding the care process in question, an action that is in progress.

Watch a video featuring excerpts from the march his family took out this Saturday:

They declare a peaceful demonstration in memory of Abraham Álvarez and as an act of justice for what they consider negligence.

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