The famous actress who will fire the last program of Ellen DeGeneres 19 years after the premiere

One of the most iconic and memorable programs on American television will come to an end on May 26. After almost 20 years on the air, ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ says goodbye to its audience. This was reported by the presenter on her social networks, where she explained that for the last program she would have the special participation of Jennifer Aniston to dismiss the show that was on the air for 18 seasons.

“Thank you to everyone who is celebrating my final season with me,” declared the American presenter on social networks with a video in which she introduces all the special guests of her latest installment, including: Oprah, P!nk, Zac Efron, J Balvin, Justin Timberlake, Billie Eilish, Bruno Mars, Rebel Wilson and Keith Urban.

Ellen DeGeneres maintains a long and close relationship with Jennifer Aniston and that is why she decided that she would be her last guest on television, where both will surely remember some moments of that first and funny talk they had in the first episode of the show, broadcast in 2003. The presenter became one of the most influential women on American television. Ellen received the Golden Globe for her outstanding contributions to the screen. He also received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from then-President Barack Obama, the Kennedy Center honored him for the Performing Arts, and he had previously received the Mark Twain Prize for humor in 2012. However, in full pandemic, there was a scandal that overshadowed the image of the comedian. A group of workers from her program denounced her for mistreatment and a toxic work environment full of racism, intimidation and fear. The presenter denied the accusations and denied her accusations, however, her program began to lose audience.

Despite everything, the announcement of the end of the show has impacted public opinion, because ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ is one of the most important programs on American television and Ellen DeGeneres is one of the most admired presenters. When she announced the end of space, Ellen couldn’t hold back her tears. But the project ceased to be a challenge for the comedian as she herself declared in an interview with ‘The Hollywood Reporter’: “When you are a creative person, you need to be constantly challenged, and as good as this program is and as much fun As it is, it is no longer a challenge for me,” he said.

“Today we recorded the final episode of The Ellen Show which will air on May 26. When we started this show, in 2003, the iPhone did not exist. Social networks did not exist. Gay marriage was not legal. We saw how the world changed, sometimes for the better, sometimes not. But no matter what, my goal was always for the show to be a place where we could all come together and laugh for an hour. Being invited into your lives has been the greatest privilege of my life and I love it. has brought incredible joy. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”Ellen DeGeneres posted on her social networks when she recorded her last program, which will be broadcast on May 26.

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