The famous person who will conquer Shakira

According to the entertainment media “Gossip No Like”, a celebrity who may be trying to win over the Colombian singer.

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A contributor to the site assured that a successful man would be fighting for his ex’s love. gerard piqué,

is about rafael arcouteA renowned and award-winning musician who has won a Grammy Award for his work.

Apart from gaining fame in the art world, he is also attractive and will slowly try to win people’s hearts. Shakira.

They are not a couple, but he is very interested and is slowly trying to make her fall in love, conquering her.

arcuate The Argentinian nationality was present at the 2023 Latin Grammy ceremony in Seville, Spain last Thursday, November 16, where Shakira was honored and her outstanding performance with BZRP.

Rafael is a musician, record producer and recording engineer, he has worked with Calle 13, Diego Torres, Babasonico and others, and has received eleven Latin Grammy Awards and more.

The media also took the opportunity to say that Gerard Piqué may have been unfaithful to Shakira, his personal trainer and very close friend of more than 13 years.

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He will be Shakira’s lover.

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