The famous ‘Zoey 101’ actress has accused Joe Jonas of asking her to get ‘nude’ while wearing a virginity ring.

names in the last week Joe Jonas He has become a hot topic in the world’s headlines (more if that’s possible) since making his divorce with Sophie Turner public. Apart from the marital dramas, recently Alexa Nichols, who is famous for accompanying Jamie Lynn Spears on her motor scooter in ‘Zoey 101’, revealed to her Twitter audience that the artiste had asked her for nude photos .

The 31-year-old former child star started off by saying that she met Jonas when they were both teenagers and he was “the kind of guy who wears a purity ring but asks for Socks“. Activist points to a curious trend among celebrities teenagersLike Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez, who wore a ring that represented their virginity.

Let’s remember that Turner himself attacked the singer in the Netflix competition celebrities Throwing knives at each other, citing the hypocrisy of the ring trend: “Joe Jonas didn’t just put his fingers in stupid metal rings, but He was pointing the finger at co-stars, actresses and even a supermodel or two.” Sophie announced jokingly.

Nicholas’ message has not been immune to Twitter controversy. The actress later explained the reason for this I didn’t mean to attack Former member of the ‘Jonas Brothers’: “One thing: My comment is about the representation of men in the media versus reality. I spent most of my adolescence surrounded by teenagers and adult men who asked me to nudity without caring much about my human sides demand. Patriarchy has overnormalized this intrusive objectification that men do,” Alexa emphasized.

Additionally, the interpreter also explains how, “when she was a girl”, she “was the victim of sexual exploitation through photographs because of the behavior this encouraged for young people and men. My photos have been leaked for everyone to see. without my consent, For example, they saw me as a ‘whore,’ while the guy who asked them out was seen as ‘pure,'” she says.

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