The fans are excited about their arrival at La Noria

There is a soccer player in the MX League which has become Cruz Azul’s dream thanks to his great scoring talent, right in the worrying present of the team commanded by Juan Reynoso, in which their forwards have suffered more for shaking the nets: Alexis Vega, the crack of Chivas who has already been associated on more than one occasion with Machine.

And it is that the hope to see the attacker born in Mexico City with the cement t-shirt have been revived in recent days thanks to the social mediabecause some postcards were leaked that the 24-year-old red-and-white player of age would have published in his past and that they would have revealed their love for Cruz Azul.

It all started when some fans of Chivas they would have discovered a Alexis Vega’s old Facebook profilein which you can see some of his photos in 2013 and 2014, when the Herd striker was between 15 and 16 years old, but also a postcard in which showed his love for Cruz Azul.

“Cruz Azul is not for cowards”, can be read on one of the postcards that has the fans of Blue Cross, with flags and instruments from the local grandstand in the Blue Stadium; In addition to Internet users they discovered the ‘likes’ that the rojiblanco crack gave some pages dedicated to cement equipmentas well as to the official club page.

It should be noted that the illusion was lit among the cement fans to see Alexis Vega in Cruz Azul after the arrival of Uriel Antuna to La Noriawell the ‘Brujo’ is one of the best friends of the ‘Gru’ and with whom he shared a dressing room until the last tournament when he wore the shirt of Chivasin addition to the fact that together they starred in some controversial episodes off the pitch.

Alexis Vega began his career at Cruz Azul

Another aspect that few know about the capital playerand increase hope for see it at La Noria, the thing is could be Cruz Azulsince the youth squad from Toluca, where he played from the Sub 17, It was tested in The Machine when he was still a child, but he was rejected by the club, as the footballer himself confessed in an interview with his teammate Flock, Jesus Anglewhere he revealed that he took his first steps on the courts in a subsidiary of the sky-blue team.

How long does Alexis Vega have a contract with Chivas?

On the other hand, Alexis Vega had already been related to Cruz Azul from the transfer market past, since still had not renewed his contract with Chivas and was close to winning, so the Flock would have sought to give him an outlethowever, the scorer decided to remain in Guadalajara.

Alexis Vega has a contract with the Guadalajara team until December 2022however, the second most winning team in the country still not able to renew his contract to date, so if you don’t do it in the next few months, most likely will seek to sell it in the next transfer market to get some money back, otherwisethe attacker could leave the club for free and, in the desired case, could arrive as a free agent to Cruz Azul after his participation in the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

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