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It was on November 1, 2022 when Taylor Swift announced her long-awaited return to the stage with her new world tour, “The Eras Tour”, with which she promises to promote both her recent album “Midnights” and all phases of her career, and several sources on social networks already assure that the singer could come to some Latin American countries, including Chile.

And his fans (called) swifties, are already euphoric about his supposed debut in our country, so much so that they started a curious campaign to get tickets for his concert.

Taylor Swift in Chile: The curious campaign of the swifties to get tickets in the virtual line of their eventual concert

It turns out that all the fans of the recitals in Chile know how difficult it has been to buy tickets in any sales system.

Due to the advancement of digital platforms and the ease that has been provided to buy them, there are times when international artists announce a visit to our territory, many people connect to the virtual lines. With thousands running out of their ticket to see their favorite artist.

For this reason, a strange campaign emerged mainly on Instagram, where the idea is to create false memes where it is claimed that Taylor Swift has committed crimes or simply supports characters who are not accepted by society.

The objective? That people do not go to his concert in Chile and so the fans can get a ticket without problem. And although everything turns out to be a joke among the swifties themselves, they have had a lot of fun designing and even commenting on such photos and videos.

One of them assures that Taylor Swift endorses the dictators Adolf Hitler and Augusto Pinochet. With fans designing a photo where she is seen walking next to the German Nazi, or that she supposedly titled her song from the album “Folklore (2020)” as “My Tears Pinochet” (when in fact it is called “My Tears Ricochet”).

taylor swift chile

One of the “greatest criminals in history”

Another publication is a screenshot of a false note from the Meganoticias medium, which is titled: “Taylor Swift leads the list of the greatest criminals in history, calls are made not to buy tickets to The Eras Tour.”

The following is also added. “The artist would start her next tour in March 2023, she calls on herself not to attend her concert out of respect for the victims.”

“He is unpunished for crimes committed such as war crimes, armed robbery, organ, drug and arms trafficking, tax fraud, homophobia, environmental crimes, terrorist attacks, murder, among others.” They add, and in the same description of the photo they put: “Taylor, if you see this, it’s a joke. I’ve waited for you all my life, please come.”

taylor swift chile

The same meme account also commented on the following. “Do you remember 2009 on MTV when she went on stage to publicly humiliate a 19-year-old girl saying she didn’t deserve her award?” This in relation to when Kanye West actually interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech by saying she didn’t deserve to have won Female Video of the Year for “You Belong With Me” at the VMAs that year when she was that age. .

Thus, several publications and comments have been replicated inventing a false cancellation to the singer. All while it is still confirmed if she really will come to Chile with a recital, whose information is known so far, you can see it at this link.

You can check out other memes below:

taylor swift chile

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