The Fao Schwarz toy store opens in Milan: where and when


Fao Schwarz arrives in Milan

The famous toy shop Fao Schwarz also arrives in Italy and precisely in Milan: the iconic New York store will open in the capital of Lombardy in the ancient building located in Piazza Cardusio.

The opening comes following the exclusive agreement signed by Prénatal, already active in the distribution of toys through Toys Center and King Jouet, with the Californian house ThreeSixty: the one that will be inaugurated in Milan it will be the first Fao Schwarz flagship store in continental Europe.

Fao Schwarz in Milan: when and where the mega toy store opens

The signed agreement provides for the development of a strategic plan that in the next few years will bring the toy brand also to Spain, France, Portugal and the Benelux countries. The inauguration in Milan is expected by the end of 2021.

The shop will be built in an ancient building in piazza Cardusio, near Uniqlo and one of the many Starbucks in Italy: the store will be 600 square meters divided into three floors that will reproduce all the magic of the famous toy store located at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York.


On the official Italian website of Fao Schwarz, a virtual treasure hunt is already active through which users, by answering five riddles concerning five places in the center of Milan, will be able to find some of the most iconic toys of the New York mega store.

Who can solve all the riddles will receive a code to be presented directly to the store: by verifying via QRcode, they will find out if they are among the lucky winners of one of the 500 toys up for grabs. Furthermore, among the prizes, there is also a Fao Schwarz-style snack to be enjoyed in the company of five friends.

Fao Schwarz stores are also found in Beijing, London and Dublin: the most iconic, however, is that of Rockefeller Plaza in New York. The US mega store has forever become part of the collective imagination thanks to a scene from the film “Big”In 1988, starring Tom Hanks and directed by Penny Marshall.

Tom Hanks, in the film, he plays the role of a child who suddenly becomes an adult. The mythical scene in which the actor plays the piano-carpet inside the Fao Schwarz store has gone down in history, becoming a real cult, also imitated by Homer Simpson in an episode of the famous TV series “The Simpsons”.


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