The farewell party they had for alias Falcón in La Picota

The level of impudence of those who bet on turning Bogotá’s La Picota prison into a vacation center has no limits. A few weeks ago, an exotic shipment of food was discovered that was destined for the pavilion of extraditables and, now, a parcel dares to do the same.

The Inpec guard personnel discovered another truck full of food and liquor, apparently on the occasion of the farewell they would give Juan José Valencia, alias Falcón, in prison. before his extradition to the United States, which actually took place in the last few hours, according to what was reported by the Police.

Alias ​​Falcon’s farewell apparently included a huge dinner and plenty of liquor. The guards in the routine procedures had the information and were attentive to the entrance of items and supplies, and one in particular caught my eye. It is a donation that was far from seeming like a philanthropic detail in an attempt to guarantee the rights of the inmates.

SEMANA learned of the reports and details of a seizure made by security personnel in La Picota. The officials recorded the particular finding and how it was noticed by other guards after the verifications. Inpec confirmed that the alleged donation was more an attempt to circumvent prison surveillance than a disinterested gift to detainees.

“A novelty is presented, this being, apparently, to give entrance to food donated by the PPL of patios 8 and 9 respectively, with written authorization by means of an official letter sent by the subdirectorate of the custody body of Inpec and by filing number 006349″, indicates the minute that SEMANA learned.

In the forbidden cargo, the guards found food and bottles that could well fill a decanter’s shelf. The officials were removing the products from the truck as they made an inventory of the content, which clearly exceeded the margin of what was allowed, even in cases of donations that, by nature, have a more human purpose and would enjoy open doors.

“Entry of donated food by carrying out the verification and registration procedure by the canine units and the X-ray machines. Captain Samboni becomes aware of some elements that were not authorized”, warns the document.

The parcel or donation had an authorization to enter the prison and, according to a document known to SEMANA, that permit was signed by a Colonel Camacho, who according to Inpec sources corresponds to the deputy director of the entity, Colonel Carlos Camacho.

The farewell party they had for alias Falcón in La Picota
The farewell party they had for alias Falcón in La Picota. – Photo: Courtesy

The “donated” supplies were intended to contribute to a celebration, a farewell for the inmates who were in the extradition waiting room, including alias Falcón. It is not known if the party took place, but what is clear, if the party is confirmedis that they fell short in the ingredients and the drinks to toast.

Several weeks ago, another order with food and drink became known, more shameless in quantity and quality, because even monkey meat was found in the list of ingredients. Even SEMANA revealed how the inmates managed to convert the pavilion of extraditables in a restaurant type gourmet with the assistance of other inmates, with scarcer resources.

The farewell party they had for alias Falcón in La Picota
The farewell party they had for alias Falcón in La Picota. – Photo: Courtesy

The seizure of the elements is the result of the verifications and the work of the Inpec guards who were able to identify the most common dynamics and sometimes shameless of those who consider that money allows them to flout the controls and turn their step by the prison in a period of rest paid by the State.

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