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Both actors are great friends in real life and it seems that it is impossible not to witness their mutual pranks.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill

Everyone knows that Jonah Hill always knows how to give a special touch to any situation, whatever it is. Not only on the big screen is the actor the focus of humor, he is also in real life, and how could it be otherwise in each of these bizarre situations that the interpreter generates, Leonardo DiCaprio is always involved.

Hill and DiCaprio are great friends, since they filmed together The wolf of Wall Street It seems that this friendship has intensified over the years and there are few projects in which they are not involved. The last one was the great success of Netflix don’t look uptape that was released last year.

Due to the coronavirus, like so many other productions, the filming of the film had to be postponed. As a result, Hill decided to go live with DiCaprio in Bostonwhere a long confinement and an extensive cinephile struggle awaited them to see what movie or series they watched every day.

These experiences have made the complicity between the actors transfer to the big screen and spread to the rest. But if there has been a last anecdote that has positioned itself in the top of Hill’s jokes is one that took place at a press conference during the presentation of Don’t look up.

Jennifer Lawrence is answering one of the questions from one of the journalists when she hears a sound of a fart. Immediately, DiCaprio starts laughing non-stop because only he knows what’s going on.“I knew this was going to happen. I found out about this last night and I’m still getting over it,” affirms between laughs the protagonist of Titanic.

You can see the exact moment in the video below:

In the video, Hill reveals in an American late night the operation of this machine that perfectly recreates the sound of a fart. “Wouldn’t it be funny if in the middle of all these fancy people I had this stupid 3-year-old fart machine?” says the actor.

Of course, it seems that DiCaprio can’t escape his friend’s jokes or his crazy ideas that can only happen to him.

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