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February 20, 2022 – 01:00

Despite its simplicity, the Pop it is the new sensation to entertain in the world. Sure, it can be part of a game, used as a toy, or simply used as a relaxing way to calm down in these difficult times of lockdowns, pandemic, masks, and lots of coronavirus news.

The Pop its is a rubber toy covered in little bumps that can be pushed in and out with a satisfying “pop.”

It all started with viral posts on different social networks such as TikTok that made pop it (or popit) known, with its simple – but for many irresistible – proposal to explode bubbles with your fingers without stopping.

The original Pop it was the brainchild of two Israeli game designers: Theo and Ora Coster. They invented more than 190 games. One of the most famous is Who’s Who?, a face recognition game that was sold in several languages ​​around the world.

Theo was born in Amsterdam in 1928 and was a classmate of Anne Frank, whose diary became one of the best-known accounts of the Nazi holocaust.

He survived the war by living with a non-Jewish family and changing his given name – Morris Simon – because it sounded too Jewish.

In 1955, he drove to Israel on a motorcycle. There he chose to live and met his wife Ora, an art teacher. They merged their names to form his company, Theora Design.

The pair began by producing things for companies to give away as gifts, including a very successful popsicle stick that doubled as a construction toy.

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