The fear of the pandemic overwhelms this stock, which can go up again, with money

The outbreak of the pandemic was an incredible driving force for the stock exchanges. Equity markets plummeted as much as 30% in March 2020 when the restrictions took effect. Then the markets reversed the trend and started to rise as they always do after a strong fall. Many stock markets one year after the outbreak of the pandemic had values ​​higher than those of 12 months earlier.

However, not all titles have benefited to the same extent. Some equity sectors enjoyed greater gains than others. For example the technology sector. Tech stocks have been running nonstop for 17 months. Facebook is one of the stocks that has risen the most. Those who want to earn with this title can read the article: “2.83 billion use it and in this way everyone can earn with the king of social networks”.

The fear of the pandemic overwhelms this stock, which can go up again, with money

Many tech stocks besides Facebook have enjoyed strong gains in recent months. Apple, Microsoft and Amazon itself have earned a lot. The outbreak of the pandemic has not only made the business of the digital world grow. Obviously, the world related to medicine has also enjoyed a lot of attention from analysts. Many of the publicly traded companies linked to Covid cures have shot up. Among these there is also a company listed on the Italian Stock Exchange which in recent months (and years) has made interesting gains. The interests of professional operators for this action have returned to high with the arrival of the new wave from Covid. For a few weeks, Recordati has been earning a lot because the fear of the pandemic submerges money on this stock, which can still rise.

Recordati (Isin: IT0003828271) is an international pharmaceutical group active in the development, production and marketing of pharmaceutical products. The stock for about 11 years, from 2001 to 2012, moved within the price range between 3 and 7 euros. At the beginning of 2013 Recordati began to take off and prices began to rise. In 8 years, the share has risen from € 10.4 to the current € 55 (quotation at the time of the analysis). The performance over 8 years is 438%. The stock in the last six months has gained 21% while it has risen by 8% from 22 October to 22 November.

What prospects for the title

Prices are currently very close to the absolute maximum of 57.9 euros achieved on 23 August. When Recordati exceeds this level, the prices will catapult towards 60 euros and then aim for 70 euros.

However, prices could also fall again. Quote 54 euros is an important level. Prices falling below this threshold will accelerate to the downside. The probable target will be in the 48/50 euro area.


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