the feminist left gets a taste of its own medicine

The struggle between the feminist sector classic of the PSOE and the sector trans does not stop, to the point that, as OKDIARIO reports today, socialist deputies, including Carmen Baldcontrary to the trans law promoted by Podemos threaten to vote in conscience against the norm. In the end, it is the point of embracing gender ideology -which is nothing more than the extension of Marxist class struggle to the struggle between the sexes to destroy the family-: that Calvo and other socialist deputies opposed to a reactionary law that empowers, from childhood, gender change without medical or judicial supervision, are trying their own medicine.

And it is that the left, demolished the berlin wall, was left without its main argument: the Marxist class struggle, the pillar of an ideology that succumbed decades ago. Instead, the left embraced the gender ideology, a new weapon of cultural Marxism that it intends to turn into the official thought of the State. Basically, what it seeks is to abolish the order of human nature to safeguard personal freedom. That was the theory, but the trans law -from those powders, these muds- recognizes the free self-determination of gender, representing a threat to women themselves. Carmen Calvo and other feminist socialists are seeing firsthand how the trans law it can jeopardize the achievements of the feminist struggle throughout its history. By the way, achievements that occurred in liberal societies, those so criticized by Marxist postulates. And it is that the thought trans equates gender and sex, which represents a regression for the rights of women and an absolute lack of protection for minors.

Carmen Calvo is right in her reproaches to the trans lawbut, after all, that is what embracing Marxism without a net has to do with it.

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