The FIA ​​dismisses Masi as Formula 1 race director

The Australian will be replaced by Portuguese veteran Eduardo Freitas, who was director of the WEC World Endurance Championship

The new president of the International Automobile Federation (FIA), Mohammed Ben Sulayem, dismissed Michael Masi as director of the Formula 1 race after Max Verstappen’s controversial victory in December, who was proclaimed world champion over seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton.

“Michael Masi has done a hard job for three seasons and will move on to other positions in the FIA”said the agency, based in Paris.

The Australian will be replaced alternately by Portuguese veteran Eduardo Freitas, director of the WEC Endurance World Championship, and NIels Wittich, former DTM race director.

Also, Herbie Blash, who was an adviser to the late Charlie Whiting, returns to be a permanent consultant.

It was also announced that the race directors will continue to have a communication system with the team managers during the races, but this will not be shown on television broadcasts, as it was during 2021.

The other announcement was that a kind of VAR will be implemented, as in football, Virtual Race Control Room or Virtual Race Control Room, from the FIA ​​offices, where the decisions of the race direction will be reviewed in real time.

Finally, it was said that the processes of the safety car or safety car will be reevaluated and the result of this will be announced before the start of the season.

the march of Masi happens at the end of an investigation of one’s own FIA about the last Big prize from last season in Abu Dhabi.

In that race, the last of the year, Verstappen sealed their victory of the year against hamilton in a last lap of heart attack decided after a ‘safety car’ and that Mercedes complained about irregularities on the part of the management.

This investigation was led Peter Bayergeneral secretary of the FIAwhile Mohammed Ben Sulayemelected president of the FIA in mid-December 2021, he also had a starring role.

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