The fictional Apple company with a LinkedIn profile that no one would want to work for

A few weeks ago the page of a company called Lumon Industries appeared on LinkedIn which, according to his profile, is dedicated to biotechnology sector and is sold as a company that provides “employees the best work environment you will ever knowwith our procedure severity patented and extremely safe”. There are no job offers available, but contents are updated on a regular basis. It is enough to read his messages and watch his videos to discover that this profile is pure fiction and what is part of the promotion of a series of AppleTV+.

Zach Cherry, John Turturro and Adam Scott are three of the protagonists of 'Separación'  and workers from Lumon Industries.  (Photo: Apple TV+)

Zach Cherry, John Turturro and Adam Scott are three of the protagonists of ‘Separation’ and workers at Lumon Industries. (Photo: Apple TV+)

Considering the few followers of the page in question (2,450) and the little noise that series of AppleTV+, it seems that not many people have noticed the existence of this profile on LinkedIn. But the truth is that it is a more than juicy content for those who are watching fiction created by Dan Erickson and directed mostly by Ben Stiller and which still has two chapters to release.

The entire page on Linkedin is aimed at feeding the premise from which the fiction is based and content is published ad hoc. Thus, for example, in the section on About it is clarified that “Lumon is a fictional company from the original series of Manzana, severitywhich is broadcast on AppleTV+” to later explain that it is “a leading biotechnology company” and that it was founded by “the visionary Kier Eagan”. All of that is in the script.

It interesting of this action is the tone that is used for published content, which connects perfectly with the one that is maintained in the series at all times. There is a lot of humor, restlessness and a certain disturbing atmosphere in the promotional videos starring one of the fictional characters, Dylan (Zach Cherry). The opacity in which the company where this highly recommended series is developed is also evident.

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For those who haven’t seen it, that procedure severity that they talk about several times and that is briefly explained consists of a surgical procedure by which personal life is separated from work. Hence, in Spain the series premiered with the title of Separation. The workers, once they enter the office, do not remember anything of their lives outside of it. And when they leave, they forget about their eight-hour workday.

What they promise, as explained in this profile, is “being able to arrive at work completely uninhibited by problems at home” and “being able to go home and never think about work”. All to achieve “work-life balance”. As you might expect, nothing is what it seems, Lumon has hidden interests and his main employees, Mark (Adam Scott), Irving (John Turturro), Dylan (Zach Cherry) and Helly (Britt Lower), find themselves trapped in a scenario as disturbing as it is disconcerting that leads them to push themselves to the limit. In summary, working there, knowing what is going on, is not very appealing.

The few spectators severity who have found the existence of this LinkedIn profile of Lumon Industries have congratulated themselves with its creation and, as pointed out by Masablehave left glowing comments about the experience of expanding the universe seriéfilo beyond watching the chapters. And that they still have two episodes to see that are high voltage.

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