The files that “El Grande” had in the National Police

The man killed this Friday night by agents of the National Policewho was wanted for the death of a married couple last July, It appears in the files of the uniformed.

According to the institution, Victor Manuel Montilla Jerezaliases The big onehad two registrations, both from 2017, one for merchandise traffic and another for theft.

The big one He was killed last night during an alleged confrontation with police officers at kilometer 33 of the Las Américas highway in Santo Domingo Este, in which a young man who accompanied him was injured. The injured man was identified as Adonis Dolores.

The Police reported that Montilla Jerez was carrying a 9-millimeter Smith & Wesson pistol, serial number TSZ0725MD5906, which is in the hands of the authorities, while his injured companion was seized a 25-caliber MP25 pistol of illegible numbering, which he carried illegally.

In this sense, Adonis Dolores will be placed at the disposal of the Public Ministry, for the corresponding legal purposes, when his health conditions allow it.

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Víctor Manuel Montilla Jerez had been actively sought since July 19 in relation to the death of Alberto Frómeta, 30, and Alexandra Guzmán Rodríguez, 25, whom he shot at the Navarro VIP nightclub, located in the Los Platanitos, from Villa Mella, North Santo Domingo.

The big one He worked as security in the aforementioned place and shot the couple after the deceased today claimed him because they changed a full bottle for an empty one.

“They gave him an empty bottle and he went to claim him, and when they closed the disco, he shot them both,” Alberto’s sister, Génesis Frómeta, said in tears the day after the event.

Albertico, as they called him, left four children under the age of 12 in the orphanage, the result of another marriage. While, Alexandra left a girl in the same condition.

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Married couple killed in Los Guaricanos. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

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