The film director who committed suicide by jumping off a bridge

This is the story of Tony Scott, the film director who went from working on big projects to dying after jumping off a bridge.

The August 19, 2012british director Tony Scott He stopped his car in the middle of the Vincent Thomas Bridge in Los Angeles, walked to the edge and jumped into the void. She did it before the eyes of dozens who passed through the area and who could not do anything to prevent the death of who at some point was one of the great commercial filmmakers in Hollywood.

But what happened that day? why the director of films like ‘top gun‘, ‘man on fire‘ Y ‘unstoppable‘ decided to end his life so abruptly? And what was true in the many rumors surrounding his death? Here everything we know.

Who was Tony Scott?

Born on June 21, 1944 in the small English town of Tynemouth, Tony Scott seemed to be destined to dedicate his life to the cinema, one way or another. His family had pioneered the establishment of parlors in England and his older brother Ridley he had started studying film arts when Tony was just a teenager.

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Therefore, no one was surprised that the third and last son of Colonel Francis Percy Scott and Elizabeth Williams began a long romance with the arts from his youth. first as actor, participating in the first Ridley shorts; later as painter and in the end as a proven commercial director, movies for tv Y short films.

In the early eighties, Tony decided to try his luck in Hollywoodfollowing in the footsteps of British filmmakers such as adrien lyne (‘Flash dance’), Allan Parker (‘Pink Floyd: The Wall’) and his own brother. That was how he arrived at the gates of the MGM studio and got a contract to film ‘The Hunger‘, a vampire movie starring David Bowie Y Catherine Deneuve. The film’s subdued reception both critically and at the box office meant that Scott’s career was slow to take off, forcing the director to return to advertising.

Tony Scott: the famous film director who jumped off a bridge to end his life
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The following year, Tony was in charge of a commercial to promote the Saab 900. In the ad, the Swedish car was compared to a Saab 37 Viggen fighter jet. The images captured by Scott were so powerful that they caught the attention of the producers. don simpson Y Jerry Bruckheimerwho were looking for a director for their next project: ‘top gun‘.

What movies did Tony Scott direct?

In 1985, Tony Scott He agreed to direct a film focused on a school with the best pilots in the US Air Force and the competition to find the most outstanding aviator of the group. With a Huge number of aircraft at your disposal and a musical catalog that today would be the envy of anyone, Scott spearheaded the production of ‘top gun‘ without knowing that this film would be one of the greatest successes of world cinema in 1986boosting his career and that of his protagonist – a certain Tom Cruise– forever.

Over the next several years, Scott would become a studio favorite thanks to his fast paced style Y his ability to film scenes that no one had even been able to imagine. Between 1987 and 1998, Ridley Scott’s younger brother released films like ‘Beverly Hills Cop II‘, with Eddie Murphy; ‘Days of Thunder‘, with Tom Cruise and a then unknown Nicole Kidman; ‘The Last Boy Scout‘, with Bruce Willis; ‘true romance’a crime drama written by Quentin Tarantino Y ‘Enemy of the State‘, with Will Smith in the lead role.

Tony Scott: the famous film director who jumped off a bridge to end his life
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Already entered the new millennium, Scott began a successful collaboration with Denzel Washingtonprotagonist of his films ‘man on fire‘ –filmed in Mexico City–, ‘Deja vu‘, the remake of ‘The Taking of the Pelham 123‘ Y ‘unstoppable‘. In August 2012, two years after the release of her last film, Tony Scott met with Tom Cruise to discuss the possibility of a sequel to ‘Top Gun’ and they even went out to look for suitable locations for the project.

The famous director who jumped from a bridge to end his life

the morning of August 19, 2012 It started like any other in the life of Tony Scott, Or so it seemed. According to the police, the principal left his house after having used antidepressants and sleeping pills and took his car without warning if he would return or not.

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Hours later, the emergency services began receiving phone calls about a man who had thrown himself from the Vincent Thomas Bridge. Upon arrival, officers found an abandoned car and a suicide note inside. The search for a body ended after a few minutes. That same night, Hollywood mourned the death of Tony Scott.

Tony Scott: the famous film director who jumped off a bridge to end his life
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There are still many questions about his death. Although it had been said that Scott had made the decision to die after being diagnosed with a brain tumor.Forensics found no evidence of this during the autopsy. His close family, including his third wife and his two sons, also did not make the contents of his suicide letter public. Referring to the death of his brother two years later, Ridley Scott claimed that Tony had been battling cancer in recent years and quietly. The subject was never raised again.

The legacy of the British filmmaker who impressed Hollywood

Years after his death, Tony Scott’s legacy lives on in the industrywhether in the actors whose careers he helped strengthen – from Tom Cruise Y Val Kilmer until Keira Knightley Y Eddie Murphy– or in the projects he so lovingly supported: movies, TV series, and a fellowship named after him at the American Film Institute.

In May 2022, movie theaters will receive ‘Top Gun: Maverick‘, the long-awaited sequel to the eighties film starring Tom Cruise. After some final credits that evoke the last minutes of the original film, the screen goes dark revealing one last message: the tape is dedicated to the memory of Tony Scott. It could not be otherwise.

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