The film from the biggest franchise of current cinema, with Vin Diesel, is on Netflix

Justin Lin’s saga in “Velozes e Furiosos” begins with “Desafio em Tokyo” and, at the moment, he has only five franchise films under his direction. Alem Diso, he is also the producer of the last and tenth film released, and has signed a contract for the 11th, which should be released in 2024. With so many scenes, the most recent renditions seem to stray far from the initial premise, when Or Tangled revolved around young rebels who participated in illegal bullfights on the streets of Los Angeles.

First of all, released in 2001, this tenth which came out in 2023, I confessed that I missed something, but I realized that the film became somewhat commercial, because “Velozes and Furiosas 9” is more famous than history. There’s a lot more richness in terms of celebrities, like we’ve seen this happening for a while in the franchise.

The film brings together the original cast like Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster, along with others who have emerged throughout the sequel, like Ludacris, Tyrese Gibson, Gal Gadot, John Cena, Finn Cole and super celebrity Helen. Mirren, Kurt Russell and Charlize Theron.

But beyond its grandeur, “Velozes e Furiosos 9” transcends all limits of sanity and logic to deliver a stunning spectacle that defies all laws of physics and logic. As well as the acrobatic and pyrotechnic circus throughout its very long 143 minutes, there’s also a touch of nostalgia in a film that traces Dom’s family past (Diesel) and the memories of Brian himself (Paul Walker).

The entanglement puts hearts before hearts when Dom is reunited with Jacob (Cole and Cena at different times), after their father’s death in 1989, after a short-lived relationship. In the film, Dom and Letty (Rodriguez) are visited by Roman (Gibson), Ramsey (Nathalie Emmanuel) and Tez (Ludacris) in their fazenda, where prisoners live like children. The trio spark a new flame for an exciting adventure. Then it turns into a crazy chase sequence with cars racing and a plane being destroyed in a jungle in Central America. In less than 10 minutes, you’ll see more traditional dinners than you will in your entire life.

Here, the villain Jacob, the old and vengeful man who spent his entire youth in Dom’s shadow, finally achieves some prominence as a super spy. He gets wrapped up in a scheme to create a MacGuffin involving the crime chef, or Mr. Ninguem (Russell). Jacob works with Otto (Thie Erstedt Rasmussen), the son of a German chancellor who plans to dominate the world. And, then, the interminable Christmas dinners practically blind us from the wonders and skill of the two eclipsing CGI.

To stay true to the franchise, it would be fun to see this universe never end and always find new ways to maintain accessibility. For Lin, the director, the job was limited to recruiting people and now, for him, figuring out how to join the franchise and meet his friends again. They don’t hurt and yet it proves that this experience has been an incredible and exciting day in Hollywood. Imagine how many millions of dollars were saved in everyone’s purse during this period. At a cost of $200 million, or without a franchise film, you get a return of $730 million in bilhatarias. So prove how great it really is to be involved in this project.

film: The Fast and the Furious 9
Address: Justin Lynn
Year: 2021
gender: masters
Comment: 8/10


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