The film that is “a sexually explicit portrayal” and has been tried to censor on NETFLIX; would you see her?

On several occasions the entertainment platform Netflix has made it clear that he works to keep up with the Vanguard and has shown that it is a site that likes innovatejust as it did with the series “The Squid Game”, and derived from the diversity and openness of content on this platform, based in Los Gatos, California, now the News from a movie presumably forbidden.

The fact that this production is believed to be practically forbidden derives from the fact that it is considered a sexually explicit portrait, in addition to the fact that it has drawn attention due to the time that said tape has been savedsince they shot it since 2019, it would presumably reach the platform red logo on April 27, but to date it has not been released.

The film that is a sexually explicit portrait

This is “Blonde”, which already appeared in the Catalogue from Netflix as part of the previous announcements and it was said that it would be released at the end of April, but now the platform has eliminated the advances that it had in the platform regarding this production, and now this weird delay has caused all kinds of rumors.

The tape is directed by Andrew Dominik and narrates the life of Marilyn Monroe; According to what was reported by the streaming company, this film will be the first produced by Netflix on get a qualification NC-17, which means it’s adult-only content.

Would you see this movie?

Due to its classification, it has caught the attention of users, since it is known that the film revolves around fiction fused with some real-life events that the most famous blonde in Hollywoodincluding some that have to do with violations and hard scenes of sex.

It is precisely these scenes that fear that may offend the sensitivity of the publicwhich would have scared the executives of Netflixthus delaying the premiere of “Blonde”, whose release date is unknown.

It is worth mentioning that the intrigue among users is already running regard whether they would see it or not, because it is feared that it will “stain” Monroe’s image. This production, which is still on standby, stars the beautiful actress cuban Ana de Armas, plus it is based on the epic novel by Joyce Carol Oates.



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