The film that premiered in 2005, went unnoticed and now shines on Netflix

irish actor Cillian Murphy He became known worldwide for his successful role as Tommy Shelby in the english series Peaky Blinders. However, the 45-year-old interpreter who made a great leap to fame in recent years stars in a successful movie that had been misplaced and that his fans were responsible for reviving on the platforms of streaming.

Murphy put himself in the shoes of different characters throughout his career: the trilogy of batmanbegins (2005) and its sequel The dark knight (2008), by Christopher Nolan. However, Netflix enabled one of the productions that the Irishman had starred in 17 years ago. Is about Night flight, a movie that marked the box office of 2005, whose duration is 1 hour and 25 minutes that is now available on the platform of streaming. The material cataloged in the “intrigue” and “suspense” genre was also carried out by Rachel McAdams, Brian Cox, Jayma Mays, Angela Paton, Laura Johnson, among other actors.

Night Flight premiered in 2005 and now Netflix revived it
Night Flight premiered in 2005 and now Netflix revived it Courtesy IMDb

The synopsis of the film, whose script is by Carl Ellsworth, mentions that “on a night flight, Lisa discovers that a passenger plans to assassinate the Secretary of Homeland Security and then draws her into the plot.” The film conceived in the spirit of “a B-movie”, Although it had a much looser budget, it is only suitable for people over 13 years of age. Night flight goes from the nervous climate to the tension of suspense and from there to the horror thriller, while leaning on a story whose implausibility and inconsistency are only disregarded during the screening because the good craft of director Wes Craven hides them or because the rhythm of the actions sustains interest.

The trailer of the film that his fans remembered

Lisa Reisert [Rachel McAdams] She is a receptionist at a large hotel in Miami, who apparently, thanks to her efficient performance, has become the most reliable character in the establishment. Lisa returns home after attending her grandmother’s funeral and while she waits for the delayed flight to leave, she is on the phone, either to solve the problems that afflict her replacement at the hotel or to keep in almost permanent contact with her father, who lives pending her. At the airport, where Craven makes mocking notes about characters and situations that any traveler will recognize, she strikes up a relationship with a young stranger with cloying, affected charm who turns out to be his seatmate.

The actor began to take his first steps in the world of theater until he participated in several film productions, but it was not until his interpretation in To the limit (2001) that his name became known in the art world. As the site highlights Sensacine, Later he joined the cast of disco pigs, a film adaptation of the play he starred in years earlier. Among some of her most important materials are The wind that shakes the barley (2006), a production directed by the British Ken Loach, which talks about the Irish War of Independence. In 2010 she returned to work with Christopher Nolan in the sci-fi thriller Originalongside Leonardo DiCaprio.

The actor starred in the film alongside Rachel McAdams
The actor starred in the film alongside Rachel McAdamsCourtesy Sensations

in 2003 Murphy, who was born in Douglas, Cork, gained international recognition after starring in the horror thriller 28 days later, by Danny Boyle. A year later, the actor joined the cast of Cold Mountainby Anthony Minghella, and The girl of the pearlby Peter Webber.

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