The FINE BROWS of the 90’s are imposed this AUTUMN. This is what ROSALÍA and her motomamis say

If the eyes are the mirror of the soul, the eyebrows are the frame that surrounds it. This statement is one of the most repeated mantras in the world of professional makeup and has made us aware for a few years now of how important it is to define the style and shape of the eyebrow that we want to wear in order to achieve a harmony in the face.

The teenage girls of the 90s fell into the fashion of wearing incredibly thin eyebrows, threads of beauty that were hardly seen and that consequently gave the appearance of larger eyes and a more pronounced forehead which was accompanied by marked makeup with shadows of all colors (and a good black eyeliner). From their experience we learned that any excessively aggressive technique with the hair could lead us to deep regret years later, as happened to them when they saw that fashion changed and thick, bushy and very rebellious eyebrows were imposed.

The latest BEAUTY eyebrow trend is called 'Lamination'


The latest BEAUTY eyebrow trend is called ‘Lamination’

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Cara Delevingne convinced us all of this and for a couple of years we did the possible and impossible (thanks microblading) to be able to imitate his look. And now that we seemed to recover a certain normality in terms of eyebrow design with a heterogeneity of shapes, coming to see wavy eyebrows, Rosalía and her motomamis come to put on the table the particular eyebrows of the 90s.

The question is, will we bring them back? It is too soon to state categorically that the thin eyebrows of the teenage girls of the 90s they are back (beyond the stage) and although it is true that we have seen the motomamis with these arched and megafine eyebrows, we cannot forget that they are part of the show and that in reality Rosalía still retains her dark and bushy eyebrows.

Messy, thick and almost unplucked: this is how eyebrows are worn this season


Messy, thick and almost unplucked: this is how eyebrows are worn this season

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Only time (and GenZ) will tell if we’ll go back to that extreme hair removal that made us get the thread eyebrows that still haunted teenage girls back then. While this dilemma is resolved beauty you can copy Rosalía and test how thin eyebrows would look on you by playing with makeup (or an Instagram filter).


There are hundreds of tutorials on the internet about how to cover your eyebrows for fantasy makeup, however, these techniques are somewhat cumbersome for day-to-day use, so I propose a simpler step-by-step with two products that you already have in your makeup bag: a fixing gel for eyebrows and your favorite concealer.

All you need is to change the way you use it. If you are one of the fans of the laminated effect and take advantage of the effect of the fixing gel to achieve it, what you will have to do this time is the opposite. Instead of raising the brow hairs towards the forehead, we will comb them horizontally towards the temple trying to bring them together to create that illusion of an extra fine plucked eyebrow.

Finally, all you have to do is use the concealer around the brow to smooth the edges and lighten the area slightly. You already have your thin 90s style eyebrows and now the question is for you, would you wear them again?

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