The First Edition of the AS Challenge with the Key to Ending Urine Loss

Arantxa Saldise, physiotherapist specializing in women’s health, pelvic floor specialist and CEO of, Announced the creation of the I AS challenge with the key to ending urine loss, which will take place in the next 19, 20, 21 and 22 November.

In this, Arantxa Saldise herself will share a video of daily exercise. And tips to improve our pelvic floor and eliminate leakage. Among many other surprises.

The aim is to help any woman, whether she is a teenager, an athlete, pregnant, a mother or not, or in menopause or perimenopause. Discover the benefits of knowing, recognizing and working with your pelvic floor. Learning during those 4 days at the hands of this specialized physiotherapist, how to act appropriately to prevent and eliminate urinary incontinence in our daily lives, from the comfort of our home, with updated and evidence-based data.

What is this challenge?

In this challenge, you will learn what is the pelvic floor?, what is it for?, different guidelines to identify it, Exercises to connect your brain to the pelvic floor, Kegel exercises and how to do them correctly, you will learn what CALP is and routines to work on it from home, the importance of the diaphragm and its connection with the pelvic floor, tips that No one told you and much more.

The AS Challenge will be composed of 4 videos, one each day, providing values ​​from the beginning, which can be accessed through free registration here:

You can see all the information in this link. The videos will be open for free for 24 hours, accessible throughout the day and you can watch them as many times as you want. To be informed about all the details of the Us Challenge, I recommend you to follow @arantxasaldise on Instagram

This project is made possible thanks to the dissemination efforts of Arantxa Saldise,

Arantxa Saldise is a physiotherapist specializing in women’s health and visceral neuromyostatics. Therefore, it helps women at every stage of their lives: puberty, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, adult life and menopause. Having been a woman, an athlete and mother of two, she confirms how small and misinformed women are and how “don’t worry, it’s normal”, “there’s nothing else to do”, “sugar ball Pour more” Tired of hearing this. It will be solved”, “What you have to do is to stop the flow every time you urinate” and a long et cetera, it has been decided to organize this program which contains very valuable information so that women can be well to be informed about, heal their intimate health and not agree on “this is normal…”


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