‘The First Lady’, ‘Devils’ and all the premiere series on Movistar Plus+ from June 2022

If you are subscribed to the content platform streaming of Movistar Plus + you will be interested in knowing what will be the premiere series that the month of June will bring. Despite the fact that there are few new productions, the arrival of summer will not leave anyone indifferent due to their quality. A few days before the end of May, customers of miMovistar or Movistar Fusión with television packages will be able to see outstanding premieres this month such as Trigger Point: out of control.

To make the summer heat more bearable, Movistar Plus+ guarantees you good times on the sofa, television and fan. Among the most acclaimed premieres of the streaming content platform in May, The Man Who Fell to Earththe sixth season of Outlander or the ninth of The Blacklist.

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Below is a preview accompanied by a brief summary of the four series that will premiere this coming June on the Movistar Plus+ platform:

3 of June

Second season of ‘Devils’

The second season of the thriller premieres on June 3

The second season of the thriller premieres on June 3


In this second part of devils a time jump is made until 2020, since the series will focus on the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, the year of Brexit. Its premiere will be on Friday, June 3, and every Friday a new chapter will be released until completing the eight that make up the second installment.

This international thriller set in the world of finance is based on the bestselling novel I Diavoli by Guido Maria Brera. This second season was shot in the cities of London and Rome throughout the past year 2021. The highlight of the first season is that Massimo Ruggero (played by Alessandro Borghi) became the general manager of the New York Investment Bank- London and Dominic Morgan (by Patrick Dempsey) in one of the most influential men in world finance.

June 6th

‘Harry Palmer: The IPcress File’

Harry Palmer: The Ipcress File, Premiere June 6

Harry Palmer: The Ipcress File, Premiere June 6


Harry Palmer: The IPcress File It will be complete on June 6 on Movistar Plus. It is an espionage thriller set in the 1960s of the Cold War. It is a television adaptation of the novels by Len Deighton starring Joe Cole, Lucy Boynton and Tom Hollander.

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Since May 2, every Monday the content platform premieres a new chapter of this thriller and a new installment is expected on June 6. Lucy Boynton plays British spy Jean Courtney; Tom Hollander is Major William Dalby, tasked with recruiting Palmer and overseeing missions, and Ashley Thomas is Paul Maddox, Dalby’s right-hand man.

June 13th

‘Trigger Point: Out of Control’

'Trigger Point: Out of Control' will be released on June 13

‘Trigger Point: Out of Control’ will be released on June 13

Trigger Point

This series recounts the day-to-day life of a group of bomb squads in the front line of action, with a level of truth rarely seen on television. It premieres on the Movistar Plus + platform on June 13, a new episode will be released every Monday until the six of the season are complete. It stars Vicky McClure and is produced by Jed Mercurio.

McClure is Lana Washington, an experienced bomb disposal agent, known among her people as an “Expo.” She works alongside her partner Joel Nutkins (played by Adrian Lester), they are ex-military and very close after serving together in Afghanistan. Lana is psychologically very affected after an operation that ends in tragedy. Lana becomes reckless and under brutal stress she comes to the conclusion that the terrorist attacks in London could be targeting the bomb squad.

June 30th

‘The First Lady’

The First Lady is one of the great successes that Movistar brings us this June

The First Lady is one of the great successes that Movistar brings us this June

The First Lady

This is probably the most anticipated series on the platform and it will be complete on June 30. The First Lady is an anthology drama starring Oscar winner Davis as former first lady Michelle Obama, Oscar nominee Michelle Pfeiffer as Betty Ford, and Emmy winner Gillian Anderson as Eleanor Roosevelt.

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In the West Wing of government, many of the most impactful decisions were made by the first ladies. The first season delves into the personal and political lives of Eleanor Roosevelt, Betty Ford and Michele Obama, as well as those of their respective families. The series also stars Kiefer Sutherland as President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Aaron Eckhart as President Gerald Ford, Dakota Fanning as Susan Elizabeth Ford, and OT Fagbenle as President Barack Obama.

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