The first reactions of Gregory Méndez when leaving the Cerro Maimón mine

Santo Domingo, DR.

Gregory Alexander Méndez, the Dominican miner who was trapped for ten days, showed his happiness in the tent of first medical attention upon departure from Cerro Maimon, the place where he was trapped with his Colombian partner Carlos Yepez.

“And the coolest thing is how many beautiful and pretty womenThis looks like a garden, you know,” said the Dominican, a Maimón resident, with a laugh, in the presence of President Luis Abinader and the main executives of the mine.

Once taken to a stretcher, to proceed with more detailed results of his state of health, the boots he was wearing were removed.

“How you feel?”, they are heard asking him while he is resting. “Fine, perfectly”was his reply.

One of the things Méndez has asked for is that they prepare rice with salami. When his relatives found out, they added something else to please him: “We’ll save his raid too,” her cousin told the media near the mine, while she celebrated the departure of her relative. .

And being a little more relaxed came a question about a topic that has aroused a lot of attention on social networks.

“What will happen now with the phone”asks a woman who is out of camera range.

It refers to a widely shared comment on social networks. At the time of the first contact with his relatives, Gregory, in his first reaction, asked if they had found his cell phone. That’s when they tell him that his partner has it.

Comments on social networks and in informal conversations have not been lacking in speculation about the alleged concern of the 28-year-old.

Now, ten days after being trapped, and after breathing freely outside the mine, the answer arrives.

The previous question is followed by an explanation, for the moment inaudible in the video of the official broadcast. And then comes his reaction: “You think? Oh my mother…”. That little video cut is sure to fuel even more commentary on the case.

Meanwhile, the two miners were transferred to the Ramón de Lara military hospital, where they will continue with the medical examination process and where they will be reunited with their closest relatives.

In Gregory’s case, they await his 78-year-old mother and 6-year-old daughter.

Upon his arrival, his closest relatives were waiting for him. In Monseñor Nouel, where he lives, his neighbors and relatives prepare a welcome with food and drinks in celebration of his life.

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